George Luise Freelo Filho, born in Imbutiba, southern Brazil, arrived in Italy at 15. At the time he had already known the art of football.

Midfielder Jorginho started commercial football from the Verona Youth Club in Italy in 2007. In 2010, from Verona's main team, he went to the lower level club Sambonifacese in the same year, where he played a  season and returned to Verona.

After taking Verona to 'A' from Serie 'B', seeing Jorginho's game, he was bought in 2014 by Napoli. By 2018 he played a total game of 133. His first season in Napoli took a new lead when he won Italian championship.

At that time, playing all the 90 minutes for the final against Fiorentina, Georginho later was benched most of the time. The trainer Rafa Benitez was unable to use his style.

After 2015, when trainer Maurizio arrived, Jorginho was always in Midfield. In the style of 4-3-3 of the whole, he started playing the game more. He used to play short pass by reaching the opposition defense and showing the game.

So as Maurizio has arrived at Chelsea, Jorginho has also come to Chelsea for the new season.

If Maurizio had not arrived at Chelsea, Jorginho was almost certainly told about going to Manchester City. Jorginho, who played 9 games from Italy's national team, is taking over his soccer skills with the way he is taught.

Jorginho also scored a goal against Huddersfield on the ground in the first match of the new season by putting 5 number jersey for Chelsea. He has played 90minutes in almost every game.

The sport shown by Jorginho from the Center Midfield has improved his future in the Premier League. He is working well to maintain control over the ball and create goals. The opposition have a hard time stopping him.

We can clearly see that Jorginho is the best at Chelsea. He is seen weak in a long pass, but best in making a position and playing a short pass. It is the only thing that he needs to improve in Chelsea.

Although the instructor is strengthening the short pass, Jorginho, 26, should also care for his long pass to increase his capacity.

Particularly, the role of Jorjinho is to increase the goals of the race than the final passage of the ball. His role is the strategy to increase force and attack from the region.

Another important part of Jorginho is a penalty taker. In 2014, at the Italian Super Cup, he was not able to take a penalty against Buffon as he was the penalty taker in Napoli too.

In addition, he is considered to be strong as he reaches the Defense Line. While the opposition is looking for a counter-attack, he has the ability to quickly return to other areas. Georginho can be seen in both the role of Defensive and offensive.

It seems to be the role of Georginho is only increasing against the team like Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City who has fast pressing and quick-attack.

With the player like Angelo Kante and Eden Hazard in Chelsea, Jorginho brings himself a new appearance.

Every minute of every game that Chelsea won in this season's Premier League, on the grounds, Georginho said he has understood Chelsea's football and well-being in Chelsea.

The Premier League is very good. It is difficult to explain that such feelings. Only after knowing what he himself is aware, he has said with Chelsea FC.