Newcastle West Ham 4:3 and Shearer reaction

This article is fantasy and joke, I don't clam this game has been fixed.

It's nothing new that I misunderstood cryptic language of football gentlemen. I thought Tottenham will play 4:3 because their players Son and Davies compete in making of Malaysian Street Pancakes, but I surely missed some important part which pointed toward Newcastle or West Ham. Maybe there was some hammer on the table or some Magpie around them or something... There was a Magpie near my house couple of weeks ago and I wondered why that happen, what was meaning of that, will Newcastle do it and they didn't. That Magpie was early warning about something what will happen not on Matchay in few days but in few weeks. Maybe AIA competition was also early alarm for some game in following weeks ? Who knows.

About this Newcastle game I didn't watch first half, Newcastle took the lead, but West Ham equalized soon after. Then near half time away side scored for 1:2 and that woke up me. That is when thought about 4:3 came through my mind. Once they increased lead to 1:3 in the beginning of second half that feeling just increased. When I saw referee giving another penalty for Newcastle after VAR check for situation in which Andy Gordon first hit opponent before he got kicked I knew it will happen. Referee Rob Jones was in the game! Isak scored for 2:3 and drama or "thriller" started. H. Barnes came in and scored for 3:3 in 77. minute and soon after for 4:3 in 83. minute.

What happen after was very interesting because Newcastle had good counter attack, but one player sent bad ball to Bruno who skillfully let goalie to grab it. Minute after Isak was in 5 meters but decided to feed goalie with the ball. West Ham player Souchek made also skillful miss from couple of meters trying to score with his chest. I already thought it's goal, he corrupted result, but old fox missed! After the game some fans complained to West Ham player Phillips who showed them "middle finger!" I can tell you he showed that to wrong fans. What a move, what a brain, what a player. LoL!

Rob Jones decided to torture gentlemen little more at the end. He added to big stoppage time and didn't even end game after 8 minutes passed. They played until around 100th minute. West Ham went all out attack against 10 man Newcastle, but Magpies of course kicked ball out of the box and Rob finally blew for game over. I saw a lot of happy faces on the pitch and on the stands and of course on place where owner sit. Owner was how to say "exalted" about result and "Starwars princess" Amanda Staveley looked very happy too and who wouldn't. Some court in England ruled that she need to pay a lot of money to some Greek shipping tycoon threatening bankruptcy in 21 days if she doesn't pay. Why do I think necessary money has been collected quickly ? LoL!

Passionate fans entered into trance mode after 2:3 and at the end after "beautiful result" 4:3 has been made. Everyone loves 4:3. The most funny thing was West Ham coach David Moyes who tried to look like upset after conceding last goals, but acting was not to convincing if you know what I mean. He almost start to laugh. LoL! :) I love "beautiful result" too. I laughed too. I loved that little bit of staged drama at the end of this "Malaysian thriller" too.

They didn't only play 4:3, Newcastle players even managed to score 3 goals in same minutes like Alan Shearer in 90ies victory in Newcastle Leicester game which also ended in 4:3! You can see that on picture above. England legend and #1 on all time goalscorer record Alan Shearer tweeted WOW after he saw that. Who wouldn't? I'd say WOW WOW WOW! Gentlemen from Malaysia are not only influential on final result but decide exact minute when goal will fall! LoL! How does that sound to you ? Is it coincidence ? To big coincidence similar to how from few random micro particles Universe came to existance. There must be too powerful creator in both cases!

When you corrupt beautiful result like Newcastle did in 4:4 draw vs Luton you must make it right and compensate gentlemen and do things right and score in minutes they want! Newcastle did it in style. LoL!

Remember: It's a joke, I don't claim game has been fixed, this is just my imagination.

How the hell I picked up wrong game yesterday ? Oh but Spurs were 2/1 I hit odd 30 I don't have right to complain. LoL!