Timo Werner before he books flight back to Leipzig

"Close encounters of 3rd kind" started as I predicted. Aliens are far more developed than we are and they comfortably won with 4:0. Everything could go in other way if we have half decent player on left or right side, or if we have serious striker in center of attack, but we don't have. It's only important to run, to have pace, do you know or not to play football is not important in Ange ball.

On the picture above you can see what Ange Postecoglou and Daniel Levy "great signing" can't score. He sent ball to the sky! Picture two shows better magnitude of his ignorance.

"Great signing" in great chance

That's why I put head into hands in disbelief when I read Tottenham signed Timo Werner. That's why I told I don't want players who can't score goal anywhere in front three. Same player had one more great chance. It was tap in from 5 meters, but he sent ball parallel with goal line because he didn't prepare his foot for easy tap in! Unbelievable, unforgotable! As far as I am concerned he can buy plane ticket for Leipzig. He can go tonight, no need to wait until end of season. He's a DUD!

Club captain so called "superstar" Son Heung-min played his worst game in Spurs shirt. He had two goal involvements. How you might ask when Spurs scored 0 goals ? Well he lost two balls and we conceded goals from following counter attacks. He let the ghost from the bottle for first goal, when he literally moved away ball from team mate and sent it toward opponent for counter attack.

Son Heung-min initiating counter attack for Newcastle for 1:0

He's not the only one to blame, Udogie failed to recover ball, failed to make foul on Gordon and get yellow card and Van de Ven slipped and it was easy goal for Isak. Few seconds after Vicario sent high ball toward out, our plyaer lost air duel, ball went toward Porro who decided it's good time to send it in space for Gordon who stormed inside the box with only Van de Ven in front. Dutchman felt again and we conceded second and it was game over. We disappeared from the pitch after those events.

Worth saying is that referee FA_PGMOL hooligan Robertson missed to show Burn yellow card when he jumped on Maddison's back when he lead counter attack with empty space in front of him. Soon after Bentancur got hit in shoulder and face with I think Burn's foot who missed ball and hit him inside the box, but it was not penalty for FA_PGMOL hooligan who was sent with task to sent off some Spurs key player before Arsenal game. He showed easily yellow cards to Spurs players, but didn't do that to Newcastle players. He was disgrace!

Ange made substitutes, we looked in control of ball at least, but then again captain, Son stepped up big time. First he cut our promising attack with ill pass which was intercepted and possible chance has gone! Then he took the ball, start turning around until two opponents come near by and lost ball and new counter attack happen and we conceded 3rd goal. Long ball Isak and Van de Ven in run, Swede was better and scored easy tap in goal from close range for 3:0. Bissouma, Van de Ven, Romero, Maddison all were on yellow cards and I was scared someone will get red before Arsenal game. Australian coach didn't change defenders, but just Maddison, Bissouma and Son and then injured Porro with Royal. Porro got hamstring and he'll probably be out for long period. Fourth goal happen after corner after which our defender let Shar jump alone and send ball inside the net.

Look at those two picture bellow and tell me how you come from picture one to picture two. I mean you have advantage, you are in front of opponent and then you end up without ball and fail even to make foul and get yellow card to stop counter attack but let it go so your club concede 3rd goal ?! What is happening with Son ? He is not good in last 3-4 games. Not good is one thing, but being pathetic like this is another level.

Son Heung-min losing ball on pathetic was against Newcastle
Son Heung-min second goal involment in Newcastle away game

Despite referee was criminal, Newcastle was far better side, they had also one post and couple more dangerous situations. It was the poorest display of Tottenham I've seen in recent period. This performance rise questions what kind of manager Ange Postecoglou really is ? What kind of players he is bringing to this club ? Werner ? Johnson ? They are not players for top clubs. Can he adjust his tactics when situation doesn't look good on the pitch ? Why this team look worse now than on the beginning of the season ?

If we want to joke we'd say this is progress because last time we lost there 6:1 and conceded 5 in first 20 minutes, while now we conceded just 4 and spread that in 90 minutes. We might also say it's better to lose 4:0 once than 4 times with 1:0.

If we are serious we might ask what we have to search against in form Arsenal next week ? It's going to be most likely new "encounter of third kind" or "spursy" performance like this one.

Conclusion is that Newcastle front line Barnes-Isak-Gordon are developers of football for Spurs front line of Werner-Son-Johnson.