Archie Gray

It's usually a good thing when some club sign some young player with potential, but in my opinion only if price is reasonable. Tottenham Hotspur just signed 18 years old boy Archie Gray from Leeds United for 35 millions plust 5 millions in bonuses. "Talented defender" Joe Rodon went in other way for price of 10 million. Gray signed for Spurs until year 2030. I have no idea how signing of 18 years old boy in "self sustained club" will help to Ange's goal which is to win Premier League title next season ?

187cm tall boy can play in center of midfield, like defensive midfielder and right back. His stats for Leeds United in Championship are far from impressive. If you look on them you see plenty of red scales indicating he's bad in a lot of parameters. Some of them are interceptions, blocks, clearances, aerial duels won, progressive passes receive, shot creating actions etc... Keep in mind those stats are from Championship not from English Premier League. It seems he could pass, make take-ons and tackles in Championship.

Archie Gray stats

I am sorry, but I don't see hot prospect in this stats. Only time will tell if he will become good or bad player. It's huge risk and his price tag of 40 millions will always hoover over his head. If this is business for 10-15 millions I could understand it, but for 40 no.

Levy journalists are saying Championship is though competition he'll easily adapt to Premier League etc... I have bad news Oliver Skipp dominated in Championship in Norwich shirt, but never become star player in Premier League. There is no guarantee this guy will be good player. Do you remember when Spurs bought Gil ? They paid him fortune, sent better established player Lamela in other way in swap + money deal, top up Spanish club and at the end both players and money ended up in Spain because Gil turned out to be so good that only his previous club wanted him on loan. LOL! He never become Premier League level of player and he was labeled and overhyped like "New Messi!"

What could Spurs do with 40 millions ? They could get real established player for now, this is on example around price of Federico Chiesa. Little more and Ivan Toney could be ours and we could solve problem we have in attack. Release clause of Nico Williams is in that region. But no, who need proven, quality players when he can throw money away in arrogant style for "one for the future" and then laugh to fans behind the scene.

Do you think Spurs board doesn't know that ? Of course they know, but they don't want to make squad capable of fighting for trophies. They are doing this on purpose.

This buying probably spent half of money planned for this transfer window and surely means saying good bye to signing Eze, Toney, Chiesa, Williams or any actually quality EPL ready player who will elevate us to next level.

This is how Tavistock, ENIC and Daniel Levy are running Tottenham Hotspur. It's like communist dictators are running their countries telling to the people, who ask why is life so though and bad, "future is bright". Unfortunately that future remains in future forever and never comes to present while leaders or in this case owners become richer and richer. I don't know is it by accident or not but Levy fans are telling us just that "future is bright".

Other problem is that current coach bought this philosophy completely and is giving contradictory statements how he will fight for title, how he approved every signing and then he ends up with Timo Werner who can't kick ball on goal, 18 years old boy and other unproved and bellow average players which will come. Why not then incorporate in his staff his mate who has been sacked in football giant like Hibernian and such strong league like Scottish as new staff member ? LOL!

We didn't come back from shock and Levy fans are already spamming us with "Tottenham interest" in absoloute zero level right back like Kyle Walker-Peters. LOL!