Romero clash with Royal

Sorry Ange Postecoglou Tottenham lost against out of form Liverpool with result of 4:2 in the game where Spurs coach once again showed he has no clue and players showed once again they are not a team but bunch of 11 selfish individuals. Manager who didn't train anyone in top 5 leagues picked up strange squad once again and lead Spurs to yet another shipwreck in Premier League.

Starting line up Viccario, Porro, Romero, Van de Ven, Royal(!!), Bissouma(!), Sarr, Bentancur(#10 !!), Johnson(!!), Son(striker !), Kulusevski was total joke. Anyone who thinks Emerson Royal can stop Salah on left side doesn't deserve to be Spurs coach. If he thinks he can do it with Johnson in front who is not helping in defense he doesn't deserve to train anyone in Premier League. Bullying of Lo Celso continued as he didn't start the game despite he created 3 chances in 5 minutes against Chelsea few days ago. Out of form Bentancur replaced out of form Maddison in number 10 role! He picked up Son on striker position yet again with Johnson and Kulusevski on flanks.

On top of that he didn't change tactics at all. Liverpool ? Who cares, let's pretend they are Invernes Caledonian! Such line up and tactics brought Liverpool on our goal attacking us in waves. Bang! Long diagonal ball on flank and Emerson is 1 on 1 against Salah or Porro with Diaz and those two can't stop Liverpool's wingers among other reasons because they are to high on the pitch. We saw chance after chance for Liverpool and Ange just looked at that and did nothing. It was clear Royal has been cooked on his side after 30 minutes, but coach didn't do any action. On the other side we could see just sending balls toward no one in goal kicks.

I counted 6 dead chances plus one crossbar by Salah for Liverpool in first half. Result was only 2:0. Same "free flow entertaining attacking football" without chances continued in second half and only on 4:0 when Liverpool players dropped concentration he reacted and put Skip on left back, bring Richarlison in and moved Son left and Johnson right. Maddison also came in. Richarlison and Son scored two goals, we had couple of dangerous moments in front of goal, but Liverpool switched on again on 4:2 and started to make dangerous counter attacks. Salah missed impossible, Van de Ven and lucky offsides saved us again couple of times and everything ended with 4:2.

This is first time Tottenham lost 4 consecutive Premier League games in 30 years. We have been massively found out, every team knows they only need one good diagonal high ball to flank to make chance against us and Ange is continuing stubborn playing his "inverted fullbacks" way which worked in Scotland, Japan and Australia.

When you look at the table in last 25 games since Chelsea 1:4 loss we are on 10th or 11th place just where I thought we will be before season started. That's where we will be next season if we don't change him and bring normal tactical manager, who actually thinks about opponent and how to stop their best players, and replace staff members like Mason and Mile Jedinak. Quality of players Ange is bringing in tells me he should not be trusted with money in the summer. Johnson, Solomon, Werner they are not players which can lead us toward where we want to be. Overpaying bang average player like Johnson and forcing Levy to pay 47 million for him was pure ignorance. We can't afford such mistakes in the summer.

Every player a part from Romero, Van de Ven, Viccario and Richarlison look like weaker than in the beginning of the season, checked out and this is on coach and his staff. Media poppets however defend this coach saying he need time and don't question his found out tactics and don't call him "stubborn". He's ready to break bad records by saying "yea there will be no drastic changes in next games mate". He will not even try with Dragusin on RCB and Romero in number 6. He's going to continue to force Bissouma who has no place even in Mali national squad. He will continue to torture Son on striker position and to change players in #10 role except Lo Celso who sadly looks like the best option at the moment. Other clubs when they have all injured players on some position go to academy and pick up player from there and give him chance to play. That's not going to happen in Spurs. Academy players need to go on 2-3 loans until they forget to play football before we sell them for dish of fish. Harry Kane happen by accident because Sherwood saw something in him and gave him a chance. I mean look what they are doing to Scarlett the most talented guy there.

Games vs Burnley and Sheffield United will be "clash of the titans". We need to win those two if we want Europa League football next season. Tottenham is sad to watch, this football can't be compared to Conte or Jose. It can be compared to some extent only with Nuno.

For me Ange is bellow average manager who is bringing bellow average players in attack and expect to play attacking football with bellow average attackers after doing wrong things on training with bellow average staff. If we continue like this we will soon become bellow average team on bellow average position on league table. He'll win us nothing.