Only football coach not magician Ange Postecoglou

After "great performance" with a lot of nothing question is are those football masters from Tottenham on well deserved 10 or 14 days vacation these days ? I mean after such wonder performance they surely deserved some prize and rest somewhere on Caribbean, Bahamas or on place like that .

"I am only football manager not a magician" that was what Ange Postecoglou told after humiliating defeat against to strong Wolverhampton side who won Spurs in both games this season. I guess Brentford manager is a magician because they won Wolves away easily last week with 0:2. I really don't think you need magic to win very average Wolverhampton side without Cunha. You just need to set up right tactics and pick up right players and do smart changes when you see things are not going well.

It is so obvious something have changed in Tottenham after Newcastle game and win of 4:1. Since then this is not the same team. Players look like they can't make any good football action, like they can't defend from corners and unable to make any danger after attacking corners. At the matter of fact attacking corners are bigger danger for our goal than for opponent as we could see against Wolves. Training sessions we could see with gym exercises and shooting ball in little empty goal are just dull. Way of playing of pass ball on wing and then make low cross inside while one our player is between 3 or 4 of opponents is very stupid, because even if such ball pass near defender in front of our winger it will be surely cleared out by defenders. We are not trying to make shots from around 16m, we are not trying to do one twos, we are not trying to dribble inside the box, we are not trying to beat opponent in one one one, we are not trying with high balls over defenders, we look lazy and unable to turn around with the ball quick enough these days. Every opponent looks faster, more skilled and ready to exploit stupid found out tactics we are trying to play even with bellow average players like Royal and Davies.

Some other manager would maybe take off two totally useless players like Royal or Davies and put Dragusin in to make back three and one more player in attack or midfield when result was 1:2 and when it was obvious we are unable to create any chance and that those two are incapable of playing style of football coach wants. Ange didn't. Sorry mate you don't need to be magician to see we're playing crap football not only in this but in a lot of previous games. Dull passing into feet, returning ball backward, crossing when no one or only Richarlison is inside the box is very stupid way of playing football. If you are crossing on setup defense you need to have at least 3 or 4 players inside the box one attacking first another last post, one standing around penalty spot, one is sneaking somewhere etc... But for that you need players who know how and where to move on the pitch and players ready to actually run on the pitch. We don't have such players. We have supernumeraries who love to stand and do dull passing into feet if possible backward or to pass dull balls from wing into box full of opponents and without more than 1 of our players toward which they know ball can't pass. In such cases attacker inside the box need to move away from opponents and passing winger must know that in advance and send ball there. That's not happening. Is this that "free flow attacking football" fans cried about this time last year ? It look more like dull torturing of the ball to me.

Is it consequence of Ange losing dressing room or maybe like one "fan" told about Conte last year "It's obvious old geezer wants out desperately ?"

About defending I have to say our players are not looking where are opponents but go toward ball in mass numbers like 8 years kids and let players alone on some parts of box and because they are playing against professional opposition and not 8 years kids ball to often goes toward those alone players and we concede very big chance. Big example of that is second Wolves goal or Brighton last missed chance with 3 of them alone in other part of box. This is not Australian, Japanese or Scotish league. This is unfortunately English Premier League.

Because of all those above reasons I must ask are those players doing football training sessions at all and what are they doing on them ? It isn't making attacking football actions, it isn't defending, it isn't attacking or defending set pieces. They look like they only do gym work and play "in circle" and maybe punch and kick each other because a lot of them end up injured because of training sessions. One is sure they are not playing anything on the pitch these days.

Way how they conceded first goal after corner where no one jumped on the ball and number of losings at half time and overall playing in that period make me think there might be also some grand betting scheme behind the scene where someone is trying to take money on turnover from HT to FT, but against Wolves that person or those persons ended up with empty hands. :) I am not worried for him, her or them because odd on 2/1 is 30, so they already hit that two times vs Brighton and Brentford and losing one time is not to big deal. The big deal is why aren't they trying to hit odd 100 by playing 4:3 or 3:4, with over 6.5 as separate bet for case someone not in the game corrupt "beautiful result" ? It's far more entertaining for fans. "Boring Conte" did it twice during his reign!