Back in 90ies Serbian sport TV commentator told this about game between Liverpool and Newcastle which ended in shocking 4:3 win for home side: "That game celebrated some people who were connected with it on this or that way". Before that he told about illegal gambling syndicate of Malaysia lead by person called "One eyed" which influence on results of Premier League matches. My passed away father loved to play correct score 4:3 or 3:4 and managed to win it couple of times. Since then I have deep connection to that result and I call it "Beautiful result" and connect Malayans with that. This article is pure fiction built on top of that. So let's begin...

Two nights ago I dreamed about my teacher, like I am talking to him trying to make him remember me from 80ies. I thought it was secret message from other side. My mind thought teacher lectured us Serbian language, so maybe some Serbian club will do that. Wait that language was called Serbo-Croatian back than so Croatian teams may be involved... I checked who is playing TSC-West Ham nah impossible, Astana-Dinamo Zagreb no way, Cukaricki - Ferencvaros oh that mighe be the one! Remember when two "president pals" dealt on TSC game ? I thought it's the game. I skipped AZ - Zrinski (Croats from Bosnia). However none was 4:3 or 3:4, it happen in Marseille - Ajax! Let's see how it happens!

Unrest among Arabs are very high, big ongoing disinformation campaign by global outlets like BBC, Sky, CNN, New York Times built big tension. Some Arabs go on street protesting about situation on "Close East" and people need to be calmed down. It is well known fact that a lot of Arabs are living in Marseille in France. How to calm them down ? Of course with odd 100 and "beautiful result which returns faith in football." On the other hand in Netherlands right wing won elections and who would thought they can make good deal ? No one, oh wait no one except certain "gentlemen" who can connect non connectable.

7. minute, mistake by away players in dangerous area happen, following by promising attack. Marseille players went inside the box there was little contact with defender and referee didn't hesitate for a second. He pointed to the spot and announce he's in the game too!

Penalty for Marseille

Former Arsenal player Aubameyang scored from the spot for 1:0. "I don't think it was penalty", "I don't think there was enough contact for him to go down there" said tv commentator, but ref was authoritative. :) It's not important what you think it's important what "gentlemen" think!

Ajax equalized after they started attack after kick off after goal. Long, ball beautiful most Ajax like one-two, Brobbey ran alone in front of goalkeeper and it was 1:1 before you said cheese!

Brobbey for Ajax

Next big event was 26. minute and corner for home side, good cross, alone Marseille player who didn't need even to jump to hit it. Mbemba sent ball effectively inside the net for 2:1! "To simple nobody challenged him. He was between two players but that was free header." said commentator. :)

Mbemba for Marseille

30. minute, bad header by Marseille player, ball fell in possession of Ajax, someone passed it inside the box for Brobbey, Marseille defender went on wrong side, someone would be inclined to feel like he didn't want to mark scorer, but not me. :) Brobbey had an easy job. It was 2:2 and it was only 30. minute. "Marking of Marseille was absolutely shocking" said commentator. Can't agree more on that, but what need to be done must be done!

Are they doing it to fast ? Slower that speed a bit please, you know gentlemen loves last goal near or after 90th minute to minimize opportunity that someone not in the game corrupt beautiful result!

The most beautiful moment of the game was scissor goal by Aubameyang in 48th minute. It was cross from the right hand side and former Arsenal player scored scissors goal. Auba is not dead for football. "Terrible defending by Ajax defender who missed ball completely in the air, oh so naive!" said commentator. Oh no 3:2 to soon, call tell them to stop for next 20-30 minutes!

Aubameyang scores beautiful goal for 3:2 for Marseille vs Ajax

There was one naughty scissors tackle by Ajax player around 60th minute and ref gave him yellow card. That type of tackle should be outlawed because it can lead toward serious injury of opponent. It was Matty Cash type of foul. VAR called referee to check this deliberate attempt to injure opponent and decision has been overturned into well deserved red for Berghuis. He hit the ball but later action was absolutely for red. I am sure Aston Villa is looking for him now to increase number of grizzles they have in their squad. Big shame for "creative player". :) How will Ajax score third now ? Faces in Malaysia were of color of card! Why those top Italian referees are not in charge of VAR room in England too ?

They now regret and moan about ex Tottenham player Steven Bergwijn who had chance moment before, but his shot has been saved by goalie. Next big event happen in 78th minute. Poor Eric Dier type of clearance and defending by home side player who sent ball straight to opponent on the wing, new cross on far post, two players dived for the ball but one from Ajax got it and sent it inside back of the net! 3:3! Red faces turned into delightful expressions. It's happening!

Then we saw non imaginable thing. This:

Ajax goalie made incredible mistake

turned into that and penalty for home side. Didn't Ajax goalie Diat Ramaj learn how to catch the ball on crosses in youth ? What is the meaning of this 93th minute intervention ? I can only think about one reason. LoL!

Another penalty for Marseille

Just in right moment in 93th minute when there are only couple of minutes until full time. Aubameyang scored from the spot for 4:3 and new delirium among certain gentlemen. I can only congratulate to all involved in this game which ended with "beautiful result which return faith in football". I just don't understand what my ground school teacher of Serbo-Croatian have with this ? Why did I dream him before ? Maybe my father has been banned from communication and he asked him to deliver message, but I couldn't decipher it.

Remember this is fantasy story, but result (and dream) are real. :)