Tottenham lost derby against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with 2:0, but game could go in complete different direction at the end of first half. Kane's disallowed goal was key moment. That moment sums all inconsistency, favoritism of some clubs and biasing of some Sky pundits. For them it was 'good decision which referee had 100% right'.

clear foul they said

It was slight contact with Kane's hand on his back. The ball was nowhere near Silva and were just coming toward Harry. He saw that he's in trouble and jumped like in water on slightest contact you can imagine. He did all of that with already received yellow card. Ok maybe football become ballet in recent months, maybe it become contact less sport where if I touch you with little finger you can fall like dead and get foul... All that is ok, but what shell we do with this then ?

Blatand dive they said

Ball comes to Alli, he calmed it down on his chest prepared to shot all alone in front of goalkeeper and Arnold pushed him with both arms, he fell and nothing was given. Pundits said it was 'blatant dive' like player is crazy to fall when it doesn't need when he just need to shot and score from as big chance as penalty.

What if I tell you referee in both games was same man P. Tierney !?

Same cheek less pundits called Kane's push clear foul and Arnold's push like 'blatant dive by Alli'. Imagine for a second where would this game go if referee in Chelsea Tottenham game said goal counts and then gave Silva second yellow card for simulating. I doubt Chelsea would win it and Silva for sure wouldn't score second goal. Yes same referee could sent off Tanganga before for pulling Chelsea player with yellow card. I can agree on that too.

Next example I want to point out is Manchester United goal against West Ham. From angle we saw the game it looked like clear offside because Cavani's shoulder was in front of foot of West Ham player. Then remember how did they disallow Kane's goal for his shoulder position in one of previous games.

Then rewind to Arsenal Manchester City game and what kind of penalty for Arsenal they didn't give and what kind of penalty they gave to Manchester City in second half of same game.

Rewind how they forced Chelsea to play with covid problems and that club lost league race because of dropped points in those games and compare it with how they allow Arsenal to postpone North London Derby with just 1 covid case despite facts they loaned some players and continue to loan them even after.

Sorry to say but this league seems rigged. It looks like is working everything it can in favor of Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City. It looks more and more like corrupted Serbian Ling Long Super league when it comes to referring. Some pundits allowed themselves to become clowns who will comment on same situations in different way depending on which clubs are playing. Pardon me above was not same situation ball was in front of Dele Alli against Liverpool and ball was coming behind Kane and nowhere near Silva in Chelsea game.