Benard from Everton made laughable mistake in 100% chance

When people say "Brazilian move" by some player they often think about some nice skill like passing with heel or some good dribbling, but this Brazilian from Everton pushed that to whole new level. In 59 min. of the game between Chelsea and Everton Bernard has got the ball near 5 m in 100% chance. What he did made me almost fall from chair. I was dead laughing. He received the ball in funny way with his head turned to the ground like some chicken then instead to shoot and put it in goal he was like not sure if he is going to shoot or pass and then the ball hits both of his legs and deflected to goal kick. What a clown move! What a way to waste 100% chance! What a skill! Lough out loud! I wonder what did Everton fan behind the goal tell him after. I would convert to green monster - Hulk if I am Everton coach. I also wonder which salary is he receiving in Everton. You can see this move on goalarena around 6:45 min. Lough out loud!