Ange Postecoglou

Tomorrow is last week of Premier League season 2023/24. Spurs are on 5th place and they need to get one point to qualify for Europa League. Can this 'big six" club draw or win in Sheffield ? I am not sure. North London side is bellow 10. place on Premier League table if we look at the table after 10. week. Recent form a part from City match is dreadful. A lot of players mainly in midfield went backward comparing to start of the season. There is also long time issue with under estimating opponents who are weaker on paper.

Spurs hardly won Sheffield United 2:1 at home in match during which they showed absolute nothing and forced me to switch off television before the end. In that game Richarlison and Kulusevski scored two goals near the end for that "big victory". Contrary to them Newcastle scored 8 goals in Sheffield away soon after that. That's how good Sheffield United really is. But as Conte said if you go on the pitch with wrong mindset, wrong attitude, underestimating opponent thinking they will score own goal for you, when you are not a team then anything can happen in any moment! We were not a team many times this season and one more time wouldn't surprise me too much.

Are we going to underestimate them and fall bellow Chelsea on league table tomorrow ? Are we going to play for owners of betting houses again ? Is it too much if we ask not to lose against already relegated Sheffield United ? I hope it's not. Let's finish this season strong with win and secure Europa League and wait to see what will board and Ange do in summer transfer window.