Question can Tottenham win against anyone in Premier League without H.Kane will get answer on Wednesday night when Spurs will host lantern carrier Norwich City. Farke's side won out of form Bournemouth 1:0 at home few days ago, while Spurs played draw against in form Nigel Pearson's Watford. Norwich is already with one leg in Championship, while even the biggest optimists among Spurs fans do not see this club above 8th place at the end of this season.

Spurs failed to score single goal in games against Southampton, Liverpool and Watford. They didn't win any side from Premier League since 26.12.2019. when they won Brighton. Game against canaries will be ideal match for winning 3 points and for gaining some confidence.

Failing to sign H. Kane replacement is hard to comprehend. If that is the case not giving chance to young striker Troy Parrot to play at least 30 minutes in this situation is even harder to comprehend. If lad is not good enough for Premier League they should send him on loan to gain some experience or if he is hot prospect they should let him play.

Public posting interests in bellow par and out of form and to old players like Benteke (!?) or Llorente (!!!?) is just ridiculous. Last information says Mourinho called owner of Real Madrid asking for possibility to sign Luka Jovic who made great assistance in Real Madrid - Sevilla game, but who is far away from all plans of coach Zinedine Zidane. He is Serbian player and I know him, he knows how to play football, can play with both legs, can score headers too. He'll need maybe some time to adopt to Premier League, but he could be the one to replace Kane.

Quarrel with the most creative player N'Dombele is not helping Spurs cause. North London side is replicating United situation with Pogba. That guy N'Dombele must play in Spurs pathetic midfield, real striker even if he is teenage boy Troy Parrot must get chance to play because watching Lucas dribbling 1 against 4 or jumping between two for 2 heads taller defenders to get the ball is really painful.

I wonder am I alone who is thinking that Spurs players dribble 1 on 2 or 1 on 4 to often ? I think Lamela, Lucas and Son exaggerate with this. To many individual actions and missing real cooperation between players in building up Spurs play is main problem. Someone really need to catch up those guys to explain them they are not Pele or Maradona. Lack of movement without ball, lack of on time precise passes toward team mates is missing link in Spurs play. I hope they watched derby Liverpool Manchester United yesterday and that they saw long surgeon precise passes between Liverpool players and way how Liverpool easily overplay United attempts to pressure defenders.

I really think Tottenham have what it needs to win Norwich city at home. Three games long goalless journey must stop here or fans will start to sing "Let's pretend we score a goal" :) . Question can Tottenham win anyone from Premier League without H.Kane will be resolved on Wednesday night and I think answer will be decisive YES. I think Norwich is going to pay for all and that win will be with good goal margin.

Spurs play next game against Manchester City and I would say they have nothing to search in that clash so they really need to grab these 3 points from Norwich game. Struggling club from bottom of table is coming to wrong place in wrong time in search for salvation points.