Newcastle Tottenham Hotspur

When people meet aliens they call it "Close encounter of third kind". It's obvious if they came here for encounter they are more developed and advanced than we are. If we translate this into football that means Tottenham Hotspur are going to meet better sides in next couple of weeks. Thanks to FA match schedule Tottenham will meet aliens like Newcastle, one club founded in South London, Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea. Newcastle away match is on Saturday in unpopular unbelievable time of 12:30! I don't know what FA is doing and why the hell they didn't cancel that Sunday League match time kick off!

Opponent is bellow us on the table and someone would think why I call them aliens and I can reply on that by saying "Do you remember what happen there last time ?" We conceded 5 goals for 20 minutes. Hugo Lloris allowed goals to go through him and players looked lost on the pitch. Captain of France then refused to come out to play second half faking some injury while real reason was brawl in the dressing room.

Newcastle is one of the hottest away games. Fans are very passionate and make very big noise and those who fall under influence of that lose badly there. Let me remind how PSG conceded 3 goals in Champions League. Fans are particularly dangerous when Newcastle score because they rise level of noise for 100% singing "Ia ia ia io after Premier League we go" after that and it becomes impossible for away players to communicate with each other. Knees start to shake because that noise. Referee can also fall under influence.

Of course it's not just fans but symbiosis between fans and excellent players like Gordon, Isak, Almiron, Murphy, Bru-nooooo :) , Barnes and one not so good, but one who always score vs Tottenham Joelington who is in better form than usual.There is threat from set pieces called Trippier. Those players can make very big damage. Fact that they are on place they are at the moment is consequence of big number of injured players like goalkeeper Pope and Wilson on example. Shell I say that Shar and Botman can also put ball inside the net ? They are very very dangerous squad especially in front of home fans and they are very turned on when "top 6" clubs are coming there.

Games between those two clubs in recent period became big wins for home side. Spurs won them 4:1 this season, but I still remember how Ben Davies saved us in critical moment while result was draw with world class clearing ball by putting it in corner in front of player on back post who would 100% score it. 90% of defenders would put it in own net in that position, but Ben catch it just enough to make impossible for attacker to get it and diverted it into corner.

We have of course great players too like Son, Madders, Bentancur, runners like Johnson and Werner, the fastest footballer like Van de Ven, troubles for opponents like Porro and Udogie, serious defender like Romero, far better goalie than Lloris was last season etc...

It's going to be spectacle. I expect that we play there better than last time, I hope secretly we can somehow get something from this game. Hosts showed they can concede goals against Luton and West Ham. They have injured players. I am sure Newcastle will score at least 2 goals and that Tottenham is going to score at least 1.

For the end I must tell I don't see reason why this game wouldn't end up in beautiful result like 4:3 or 3:4 ? I just hope no one will get injured. I know it's early game, but be sure you watch it. It's going to be spectacle!