It's annoying 2 week pause from serious football because of useless national squad competition called "League of Nations" which interests very few people. Teams in top 5 leagues just get into competitive form and training process is interrupted with break of two weeks. Soon after clubs who play European competitions will play every 2-3 days until World Cup which will be held when it's not time for it because someone in UEFA loves a lot Arab state money.

Jurgen Klopp complained few days ago about congested schedule, to many games and problems that makes to clubs, but it's not enough for UEFA and some "Big club" directors. They are having genius idea to force clubs to play Champions League outside Europe on places like USA or China because that could bring some more money ?!

First which club would like to play some game on neutral venue rather than on home ground ? With all the money UEFA personal is taking, by robbing the biggest clubs with unfair sharing of earned money and often airplane travels they should know how much flight to USA or China last. Do they really think clubs can play game on Sunday and then run into airplane and travel all day to some destination in USA or China to play there on Wednesday and then travel back all day to play domestic league on example on next Saturday ? That's insane! That's crazy!

Instead of thinking about those crazy things UEFA personal should think how they share profit generated by the biggest clubs in Europe. How big part of that is going to corrupted eastern European football associations and politicians, how much of that ends up in pockets of personal of UEFA and how much are going back to clubs from Champions League who generate that profit ? It's good time to stop this robbing scheme which benefit only UEFA personal and Eastern European politicians! It's also good time to stop useless competition called League of Nations which is not interesting anyone. It's also good time for reform of UEFA and more power to the biggest countries where the biggest clubs resides.