Conference League game between French side Nice and Serbian Partizan ended up in 1:1. I am doing my best to avoid watching Serbian league because I believe it's rigged with winner known in advance. However in Europe situation is different because those games are interesting and if opponent is from top 5 leagues or some famous western European name I'm in.

French side Nice took advantage in 2nd minute and it looked like it will end up like I expected with 0:5 or something like that, but it didn't. Partizan Belgrade played the best game of this season. I know Nice was not in the strongest squad and that they are not to much in this Conference League, but you can play only against that what is in front of you.

I was surprised to see Casper Schemichel on goal of Nice. He's well known face from Leicester and I somehow missed his transfer to France... I guess I was to much into Tottenham. :) Partizan had dead chance near the end of first half when player from Israel Birbas Natcho made good kick toward not covered part of goal near Schmeichel but one Nica player put his life on line and blocked it and then received 2 minutes of medical help... It was clear at that stage that they don't have solution for Partizan player from Mali - Diabate. He's full of tricks, one who will make you jump from seat, one because of whom you will go to stadium asking yourself what will he do on next game...

Partizan attacked in second half too and after one nice action made by the best players Ricardo and Natcho man of the match Diabate took ball and sent it in upper part of back corner of goal in Dejan Kulusevski style. He made his sleeping celebration after. Both sides wanted to grab 3 points here, we saw what we can rarely see here it's substitute in Partizan where defensive midfielder is going out and attacker is coming in.

It was not end of Diabate show, he threw Nice defense in trance once more pass to Ricardo who was in dead chance, but Partizan striker kicked ball over the crossbar! It was chance of the game. Away side had some promising attacks too, but Montenegrian Vujacic - the Duke was to good in Partizan back line.

Diabate goal celebration

It was very good game against club from top 5 leagues fans and public in Serbia are very satisfied with this Partizan performance. Next game will be against Cologne in Germany then against them in Belgrade. We'll see if we could do anything against that club.

It was obvious even in Europa League qualification elimination that Diabate is serious player with skill, it's even more obvious after last night. Well done Diabate my man, continue like that!