Tottenham lost game against City with result 4:2 after leading 2:0 at half time. We played pretty well against City who had some of key players like Fodden or De Brune on the bench. It looks like those who stand behind those loses and mistakes decided to switch half times and to let players do their normal job in first half and then to stop playing in second.

Worst on the pitch were Perisic, Son and of course Hugo Lloris who again conceded decisive goal on 2:2 by letting ball come inside near his closer post to ensure we lose yet another game. Mahrez was toying with Ivan Perisic who didn't receive help from midfielders or Son in second half. Croatian also ended one great chance with poor deliberate attempt in Ederson despite other half of goal was all empty. It looks like he didn't want to score goal to me. However ball hit City player accidentally and deflected to the post so it looked like lack of luck. Before that Mahrez went around him like he's the worst left back in history of football before they scored goal. After that he ran forward on the ball, missed it and Mahrez stormed inside the box for goal for 3:2. Very poor by Ivan, defenders and Lloris. Last goal was clown mistake of Lenglet (who is great on the ball so they said) who just gave ball away to City player again to score easy goal for 4:2. Kane lead one promising attack, had invisible, bad, poor, non playing football Son alone in the box in front of defender, could just pass him easy low ball for goal, but instead he decided to pretend like he can't play football and sent high ball to City goalkeeper Ederson. It seems like all players even signings under Conte are "in the game" while Lloris is real leader in this deliberate conceding goals. It looks like they are taking turns one game Dier, other Lloris, other Perisic, other Lenglet, other Davies, other Romero etc...

That is why I found strange opinion of some people that new coach could do better. Those masters of tactics who know better than Conte who would love to play with back 4 would just lead us toward conceding something like 10 goals against City. Imagine that battering if only Romero and on example Davies, Dier or Lenglet were at the central back positions...

There is no coach who can manage stupid and bribed players and goalkeeper who are making deliberate mistakes! Other are saying back Conte believing signing of proper defenders could solve the issue telling Dier, Davies, Lloris, wing backs are to bad. I find that naive too. I think even if we sign players like Franz Beckenbauer was in his prime they would help only short term until ENIC decide to change coach and come to them saying "pretend you don't know to play football in next couple of games until we sack this coach". I think Conte is not stupid, I think he see this drilling by the board and that's why he is taking piss on them on every press conference.

We saw dozens of managers under this ownership. Some of them were very good like Rednapp, Poch, Jose and Conte. As soon as their ambition start to match ambition of fans to fight for trophies and they demand some reinforcements we start to see sudden non football mistakes leading to their departure. Those players who we have in defense now are maybe not for title challenge, but they can surely avoid to concede 2 goals against Bournemouth or Aston Villa or some clubs from lower part of the table. It's not just their bad skill, they could keep clean sheets last and in the beginning of this season. It's something else. It some non sport influence on them. I can not tell it's 100% from entire board, but there is someone in that hierarchy who is doing this. Even if that comes from other rival clubs job of serious board and ownership is to find and stop it and it is not happening! Of course we need better defenders and goalkeeper than we have, ,but without getting rid of this non football influence we will not achieve much with that.

Do you remember how they sacked Jose few days before League Cup final against City afraid he might win it and they will be forced to pay him bonus for that ? That's all you need to know about ownership of this club and their vision. Why wouldn't they bribe own players with couple of millions to avoid 60-70 million investment in squad in this transfer window and appoint new coach from lower part of food chain then ? It's not just conspiracy theory it's very likely possibility. It's something which Metropolitan Police would investigate if it is alive. Maybe that's why Conte is calling this bard and DoF to explain their vision to public ?

We could also see 443 million pounds of revenue in last year while salary expenses are 130 so Egg can't hide behind claim he has only 30 million for this transfer window. His spokesman are claiming oh but we had loss in covid years... Oh really ? And other clubs didn't ? Give me a break... I believe rotten Egg is responsible for all those non football mistakes in last decade.

ENIC out movement is organizing protest on I think Saturday and fans should gather in front of offices of those cheaters and liars from board and Egg himself demanding "ENIC OUT, Levy OUT and Joe OUT" and selling club to some normal owner. That is only solution. Also when Lloris let ball inside net against City in next home game all on stadium should call for Egg and ENIC to leave this club by singing against him.

Proposal for singing (melody <club> has battered everywhere they go)

🎶ENIC's bribing players before every game, ENIC's bribing players before every game... 🎶