Eric Dier knocked the Arsenal out
That was nice yea that was nice yea it was nice yes it was nice nice nicenice to knock them out to be honest!

said ex Tottenham player Eric Dier after Man of the Match performance for Bayern which knocked out Arsenal from Champions League. He said that through wide smile. The best Arsenal squad in decades maybe since 2003 and the worst Tottenham central defender knocked them out buy keeping clean sheet against them ? How can it be ? It's to good to be truth!

Eric Dier mural on N17
That was nice yea

Eric's main problem in Tottenham was inconsistency. He could play like Maldini for couple of months and then start to play so awful that it was hard to watch. He was good under Jose in second season until December, then vanished, he was good under Conte in first and in the beginning of second season when England call came.

I really hope Southgate will not call him to England squad before UCL campaign is over! I have theory that he is going to score winning goal in UCL final and then turn toward camera saying "What is this ? I am to good for this sport, I don't want to play it anymore, I'll retire after this!" then log in on Twitter and chase all of us who critic him saying "Please keep criticizing me you football brains." LoL

I've got feeling he is coming for us after UCL final. I am happy for him, because he is nice person and because I am Tottenham fan who wouldn't like Arsenal going to final or winning UCL even if that means we Tottenham will not go there with 5th place next season.

Even Talk Sport admits Eric Dier has now same number of Champions League semi finals like Arsenal!

For the end I can only say "I love Eric Dier, Eric Dier loves me..." Yes Eric it was nice very nice. Inject that into my veins. LOL!

SpursSongSheet I love Eric Dier

Eric please go to final and take that trophy!

SpursSongSheet is mocking Arsenal for going out of CL