"Here we go, here we go, here we go, Everton is the best we all know..." is famous song of Everton fans which could be easily sung in Championship. Club from Liverpool got harsh punishment for breaching financial fair play. FA decided to deduct them 10 points and might deduct further 9. With first deduction they fell on 4 points. They still have chance to survive in league, but with adding new -9 their chances would be minimal.

This discovered double standards and represent huge overkill because punishment has been delivered for breaking of 1 or 2 FFP rules. On the other hand clubs like Chelsea and Man City did a lot worse things without any doubt! Man City had 115 cases of breaching FFP and nothing happen ?! How is this possible ? With same punishment that would be 1150 points minus over period of around 10-12 years. Both those big clubs used offshore companies not connected to club to pay services to some agents regarding transfers of players. Chelsea breaking rules happen during Roman Abramovich era.

This double standards are shocking. They put on one glasses when it is "rich" club powered by oil and another if it is not so rich but famous club. They say they will monitor Newcastle closely because they might get player on loan from Saudi Arabia country which state companies own this club. They say they will not allow loan. No problem Toons can buy player for 1 million and then sell him in the summer to Saudi Arabia for 100 million.

Serious newspapers from Germany Build investigated how Man City and PSG are operating and proved numerous breaching of financial fiar play. Authorities in England literally don't need to do any investigation to seal the case, but they simple don't want to punish their "precious asset". They are to busy arresting patriots who shout things like "return to your homeland" to annoying people who are vandalizing English monuments calling for another holocaust.

Yes England has became third world country where laws exists just for poor while rich can do whatever they want. Example of punishing Everton for TWO and not punishing Chelsea or Manchester City for more than ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN FFP breaches is clear example of that.