Fulham Tottenham

Tottenham will play Fulham at Craven Cottage today at 18:30 Central European Time. Everyone in Spurs camp are very confident about this game and that can be a problem. Every time we are to confident game goes in wrong way for us. Some fans expect trashing, repeating of 0:4 vs Aston Villa, while only few share my view that this is going to be tough game.

Tottenham is in good momentum after winning against Crystal Palace at home and Aston Villa away, while Fulham lost last game in Wolverhampton after not bad performance. I saw part of that match and Fulham was better during that time. They created few chances, but didn't score.

On his pre-match press conference before the game Ange told Van de Ven is out for this game. It's hamstring, but it's not that serious like previous one and he expects him back after international break or after match against Luton Town. Richarlison is still under question mark after suffering recent injury. We all know Romanian international Radu Dragusin will play on Van de Ven's place today. I personally think Ange will not make any change a part from this enforced one.

Fulham coach Marco Silva told on his pre-match conference that his player R. Jiménez is under question mark. He'll decide today if he can be in squad or not. He mention Tottenham midfielders by name saying they are always ready to feed attackers with balls and that Spurs are very good in high press and that every possible mistake in dangerous area Fulham make will be punished. He respects Ange, called Tottenham style of play "brave" and expressed opinion that Spurs will make problems to them, but that they also have capacity to make problems to Tottenham. After question asking him does he think he can stop Spurs from scoring goal he replied as much as he'd love clean sheet he doesn't think they can prevent Spurs from scoring, but hopes they can score one more. I like that part. He doesn't have anything against repeating performance from League Cup.

Marco Silva is smart manager, Arsenal thought they will walk over Craven Cottage and ended up in 3:0 defeat, LIverpool was in save who is alive mode in League Cup second leg after 1:1 near the end. They have very good home record and players like Jimenez, Iwobi and Willian, De Cordova-Reid, Muniz and Broja can surely make some damage. Serbian midfielder Saša Lukić is also not for underestimating like Tottenham target from summer transfer window defender Adarabioyo. I really don't expect they will attack us with suicidal high press and high line, they will more likely wait for us on their half and try to make pacy counter attacks.

I really don't think Tottenham can keep clean sheet in Fulham, but share Marco Silva's view that they will hardly prevent Spurs from scoring. I also don't expect goal feast like 4:3 or 3:4, but something like 1:2 or 2:2 and secretly hope for Tottenham 1:3 victory. That can happen only if Spurs players don't under estimate opponent and if they start to play real football from first half. I am not sure good second half will be enough here.

A lot depends on Madders and his inspiration. I expect a lot from Dejan Kuluševski and Son in attack and can not wait to see Radu Dragušin in action again. It's not because i dislike Van de Ven I am not crazy to deny fact he's one of our best players, but because I want to see the newest reinforcement. It's going to be hard game and three points could be very important in our fight for 4th place. Loss at Fulham would nullify convincing win of 0:4 against Aston Villa and throw fans into bad mood for next two weeks. I really hope it's not going to happen. My hopes are also Daniel Levy or that "invisible force" from Spurs board whoever it is, did not bet on Fulham win today.