Game is over Daniel Levy! EnicOut, LevyOut!

I am still in shock for what I read yesterday from official twitter account of Tottenham Hotspur. They announced they are forced to increase season ticket prices for 6% because of fact that some expenses did grow. This is not the best part, the best part is, if I understand correctly, fact that advantage in buying sesson tickets will have not those who had it for years but new people! People behind this con or Ponzi sheme obviously want to complete crowd type change on stadium and to have there people like Daniel Levy who will type mobile phone during the game and won't care about football or what's happening on the pitch.

Funny organization called "Tottenham Hotspur Fan Trust" will probably write angry mail threatening with protest, but they will not show up on it. Imagine trying to do that while players play 20 minutes of football at home during every game. LoL! Imagine the chairman with the biggest salary and the biggest serial loser Jewish businessman Daniel Levy is doing that. Person under whom club didn't win serious trophy for almost quarter of century. Imagine that will be done by chairman who brought in players like Richarlison, Lenglet, Werner, Johnson and similar football masters.

Some people are saying there is demand for 100,000 season tickets. It looks like some people in England are so wealthy that they don't know what to do with their money. Fortunately I am not one of those, I am just international fan who is watching matches over TV and who is paying only fee for cable TV.

Fun fact is that with such numbers some fans obviously accepted this skinning and I can only congratulate to them by saying "You've got your Tottenham back". LOL! (hearing yeee like when Daniel Levy told that without any shame not saying who took it away).

That prick pissed me off to the point I wouldn't care if pro-Palestinian mob intimidate him to the point he must run away out of London and England and never look back. Go back to Israel and take over some Maccabi and try to do this and see what will happen. Maybe it's time for you to do honorable thing and offer yourself in exchange for releasing Israeli woman and children hostages ? You can also go to Gaza because maybe Hamas would like to have such great con and asset in their captivity ?

Game is over Daniel Levy! Game is over ENIC! Enough is enough! EnicOut! LevyOut! DanielLevyOut! JoeLewisOut!

The best chant of Spurs fans!