Did you ask yourself how would chess look without so many Pawns ? Thanks to this unknown opening and my willingness to push Pawns forward without much thinking this turned into some kind of open board match. Black didn't move Pawns in start and I used that to attack his Knights.


Soon my Pawns where too high on the board and I felt like I am Ange Postecoglou playing high line in football. However that takes risk even in chess and soon I've lost C Pawn.


It's time for Queen to step up. Soon after he attempted check but I blocked it with dark Bishop.


After retreat I checked him, he blocked with light Bishop just to be attacked by my Pawn.


I made castle, he doubled attack on my h Pawn. I was aware of that but decided to check if he will allow elminiate h Pawn or do something else like castle . Two Bishops can be dangerous and worth more than Knight and Bishop. There is also white Rook firing on line with black King and pining light Bishop so he can't really escape with light Bishop. He decided it's right time for castle so I changed Knight for light Bishop and Pawn and he gave me check on h2 after removing my Pawn.


He did retreat with Bishop soon after and I offered exchange of Queens. He accepted that and my Pawn ended on b line attacking his Rook. Of course he noticed that and moved it to a6. I activated my a Bishop moving it to b line protecting that Pawn and he made blunder of the game and in fear of promotion moved his Bishop on b8 forgetting about Rook which I eliminated with e6 Rook. At that point game has been decided.


He didn't surrender and I know why. His Bishop is preventing my King from going to h2 piece and moving white bishop from first line would lead toward check mate. He probably hoped I might get relaxed and will not notice that, but I did and deliberately didn't move g Pawn so he can hope for checkmate more.

Soon after my two connected Pawns on a and b line advanced and it was game over. He surrendered at this point. What would happen if he didn't make that blunder and gift me his Rook we'll never know. I liked this game, felt like Postecoglou during playing and that's why I decided to share it with you. You can watch entire game here https://lichess.org/5Wx2rlELLoLW.

Thanks for reading. In next article you will see how material advantage is not enough to win the game.