Mr. Missalot Timo Werner

Everyone who hoped Daniel Levy changed or could change can see this man will never change. Winning nothing significant for almost quarter of century under his ownership is by no means accident. To be honest previous owner Sir Alan Sugar was worse, but he won at least one FA cup. It's well known that Daniel is very skint and that he doesn't have any money for transfers especially in January transfer window "unless he sell some players" which is thing he doesn't do very often. This time however he beat himself.

He signed Timo Werner from Leipzig on 6 month loan to boost Tottenham attack !? Media puppets and some youtubers which receive money from him are happy clapping claiming Ange Postecoglou wanted this player. I am sure Ange Postecoglou always dreamed about coaching player who can't score goal on empty net, to have someone for whom Richarlison will look like developer of football, to have someone who is always in offside to distract opponents! LoL! On top of lacking skill German player hates Tottenham. Before his move to Chelsea where he celebrated himself he was asked "Where will you go from Leipzig ?" and he had ready answer "Surely not Tottenham!" and laugh.

What has change since then ? Chelsea finally dumped him, because he became object of mockery all around the globe and sent him back to Leipzig where he lost place in the squad because they have 20 years old who is better than him. He is now "very excited" to work for Spurs and under Ange Postecoglou because he probably wouldn't play anywhere else especially not for salary of 192,000 Euros per week which will pay Tottenham season ticket holders and buyers of Tottenham souvenirs and shirts, or those who pay tv subscriptions to watch this club. If I am one of those I'd be very worried how owner Daniel Levy use my money. Entire world is laughing to Tottenham for this new Daniel Levy signing. Bayern account tweeted imagine that downgrade from Harry Kane to Timo Werner. I wouldn't laugh much if I am Bayern because they fell from Alaba to Eric Dier too which is very similar. Have no doubts we bought him not because Ange wanted him, or because of his skills, but only because Daniel Levy does not need TO PAY anything for him except salaries. That is the only reason.

While Daniel is happy to spend fans money and award man who can't score on empty net with 192,000 per week, reports are saying he has no intention to pay more than 20 million for defender from Romania and Genoa Radu Dragusin because he will be "squad player". I bet those 20 millions he wants to pay in 100 installments. He forgot little fact which is Romero's injury and suspension record which says he played 50% of games for Spurs since his arrival. That means that this "squad player" Dragusin would probably play 50% of future games. He also doesn't have Ben Davies because he has done his hamstring, so if Van de Ven gets injured again Dorrington or Phillips will have to come in and Ange clearly consider them "not ready". This is big stupidity by Tottenham owner. Twenty million for Romanian player of the year is steal for quick and strong player who is also big danger on attacking set pieces.

This is why Tottenham didn't and will not win any significant trophy under ENIC and Daniel Levy. One man said on twitter quick rewind in the past. He sold Berbatov to Man United and bought some non player similar to Werner, while now he sold Kane and is buying Mr. Missalot Timo Werner. Remind youself what did he do with money received for selling Gareth Bale.

Nothing changed and nothing will change under this ownership. I am sure Ange Postecoglou has been disillusioned just like Conte in the summer of 2022 when this mastermind brought him Lenglet on loan and Richarlison instead of serious left foot central back. That is when things with Conte went downhill. Ange will probably last during this season and during next there will be "fans" which will start questioning his style, methods of training, "players" who complain in fantasy articles about his training sessions, cries for Poch who would probably be sacked by then in Chelsea because he is that good etc... Football will probably become awful due to inner sabotaging and next manager will be appointed and circle of plundering Tottenham season ticket holders and fans to build hotels and F1 arenas could continue.

Tottenham owner, the highest payed chairman in England who charge the highest ticket prices in England, Daniel Levy should be able to spend at least 100 millions per year on new players without money receiving from selling players. That is roughly the difference between revenue and expenses per year of this football club according to last year financial report. There are also 50 not spent millions from before... Oh wait I forgot big plans for new hotel. :)

Timo Werner will be in London today and do medical tests. I strongly suggest to give him test can he kick the ball in empty net from 5-10 m. in run after pass from flanks and if he pass sign but not for that salary. :)

Daniel Levy you are disgrace of owner of football club. LevyOut! EnicOut!