Hajduk Split (Croatia) played Gizra United (Malta) in first leg of UEFA Europa League qualification. Hajduk was great favorite and everyone expected easy win because Maltese are just half amateur squad. First leg in Malta brought no surprise because because Hajduk won 0:2 away. Everything looked bright and crowd of 20,000 people were on terraces of Poljud stadium questioning only how many goals weak opponent will concede. Coach Sinisa Orešćanin let out not the strongest but mixed squad wishing to rest some players because Croatian championship will start few days after this game. Newspapers "Free Dalmatia" wrote that chances for elimination of Hajduk Split is less than Extraterrestrial visit.

First half was more or less what everyone expected. Hajduk took 1:0 lead. Soon after wagon went down the hill just to crush in 96th minute. First goal by Gzira was winning jumping duel in 5 meters and score by header. It did not cause big upset. Second was beautiful left leg scissors by Gizra player Hamedu Koneu. At that point devil took away joke and panic and dread came in squad. When you fear much your fear finally come to hit you. Deep in injury time same player got the ball in the box, he moved the ball from right to left leg and fired up Couthinho-like shot in far away corner. The ball was elusive for Hajduk goalkeeper and ended in net! Scorer jumped over board near out line and almost fall on his head in celebration. LoL What a shocking 1:3! Gzira went to second round on away goal rule!

Fans did not like it much and started to riot. Those from west stand insulted leadership of club, those on north stand Ultras fans(Torcida Split) had clash with special police in attempt to settle some things with own players, but special police prevented them. Long after the game during the night reporter could hear shouting of rioting fans outside of stadium and police sirens. Fortunately no one got hurt.

Now comes funny part. Instead of apologize for selecting wrong squad coach of Hajduk Sinisa Orešćanin said something like this "I am not type who use words like debacles, tragedies etc... I want to see this from football side. It just happens in football. We knew and talked that they have 3-4 little good players (deminutive of players) I mean players (lol) they showed that today especially that Kone who gave us 2 Euro goals. I say sometimes things just happen". Then he said he is not ready to step away from coach position and that he will talk to chairman of club. I loved part with 3-4 "little players" which brought question what kind of players he had when they manage to concede 3 from "little players". Not a word why he chose wrong squad for a game! LoL. Soon after happy Maltese added comics sentence "People of Split you just saw ETs" referring to what "Slobodna Dalmacija" wrote before the game. LoL

For Consolation it is well known that Hajduk Split pay to UEFA a lot of fines for Europe competition because of what fans are doing. Now they got eliminated at round 1 in qualification and will not pay much for fines. Well maybe they will just pay fine for this one game because of rioting of fans. Maybe they even get better luck and get eliminated from UEFA competition for next year(s) so they will avoid debacles like this in nearby future. LoL. I heard that this coach is not coach anymore, they sacked him day after so he can do some other job in which he is better. Maybe he can buy telescope or at least infra red glasses and watch the night sky looking for UFOs. He is good at that! UFOs are contacting him more than they do with Steven Greer! LoL. Maybe he become famous! His club became famous for sure because I think youtube views of goals will sky rocket and bring down all records (by Dinamo or Rijeka fans). Imagine jokes after his. LoL

This article is for Happy moan day contest in scorum.