Nigerian player Umar Sadiq joined Partizan Belgrade squad on loan from AS Roma this summer. In first game of season it was obvious he did not set up his shooting devices good because he missed dead chance all alone from 5m. I thought it hardly can be worse than that, but last night he pushed that to whole new level.

Twenty two years old was in starting 11 in second leg against Nomads from Wales. 192 cm tall player got ideal ball in the box by Zoran Tosic, he was face to face with goalkeeper, he could ask him where do you want me to shot and score you left or right ? Instead of goal he made poor shoot wide of goal. Ball went near left post of goal. That was unbelievable miss by Nigerian striker.

Soon after he got fast low ball in the box, he run on it like a fast train near tackling opponent. It was great chance, he shoot but ball went wide of goal again. Strong shot, but not in the goal.

If you think that was all you are wrong. Just before half time Wales side had free kick on center. One player tried to pass to other, but other went forward and ball came to Sadiq who was alone in front of goalkeeper far away from goal. He missed good moment to shoot and when one Wales player came to him he tried to shot long ball above goalkeeper in attempt to score. However shot lack speed and one Nomad player was able to kick it in out on 5 meters from goal. No goal!

Second half brought Sadiq new chance, he made nice false kick and tricked defender, but when he tried to shoot other slides and his shot has been blocked and ball went high and fall straight in arms of goalkeeper.

After that supporters took him in protection mode applauding him every time he gets the ball. He tried to dribble, he was desparate to score, but it was just "one of those nights". Things got even worse as coach put in the game another striker Ozegovic who easily scored from his first chance from turn around in 5m. Game ended 3:0 and even one 17 years old youth player scored goal after nice skill and shot which passed between defender's legs and under goalkeeper.

Here is consolation story. In World Cup in France 1998 one player from France missed a lot of dead chances. One on one, tree to five per game. One North London club bought him after and journalists asked coach "Why do you need player who can miss so many chances ?". He replied "It is important to be in chances, goals will come!". Player became later Arsenal legend Theiry Henry and coach was Arsen Wenger. Coach of Partizan said similar "It is important to get in chance, goals will come he need to score first few goals and everything will be ok". However Partizan bought another striker Japanese from Arsenal and with Ozegovic competition for starting will be higher and Nigerian must setup shooting fast. Next opponent in Europa League qualification is Malatya from Turkey much more serious club than those Nomads from Wales.

You can see highlights of the game here.

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