Harry Kane, captain of England national squad, one of the best if not the best striker in today football, player with great vision and passing ability has one big problem. It's direct free kick. When Kane has problem I have problem too and I will dare to give him an advice.

Free kicks are very important part of the game, especially if you are struggling against clubs sitting deep. If you are big threat from free kicks your opponent will hesitate to foul you near the box because he'll know he can concede goal from it. If he hesitate to foul you you'll have better chance to make dangerous action and break that bunker. On the other side if your opponent knows you are harmless from direct free kicks he will trip you every time you come near the box knowing they are perfectly safe and you'll not be able to make any action. Same is more less valid for corners or set pieces, but that's another topics.

It seems that Harry Kane is still doing free kicks in Tottenham. He did it once more in friendly against Roma and it was big disappointment just like dozens of them in the past. I was angry for 10 on scale from 1 to 10 after it. Just don't tell me he scored a goal against Korean Stars in friendly because live wall didn't stand properly in that game. I wouldn't count that goal. Do you know Tottenham captain last time scored a goal from direct free kick before that in 2014 ? That's very, very long time!

I am not saying every direct free kick should be goal, I know that's impossible what I am saying is that every direct free kick should be serious threat to other team. They need to fear from them. When I say threat I mean it should end with ball flying on goal with enough pace and power, or fly like rocket near post of crossbar. Well it doesn't happen with Kane's free kicks. They usually end by hitting live wall in parts of body bellow shoulder. It looks to me like Harry Kane is trying to send ball through live wall expecting power of kick will make someone afraid and that that someone will move a bit and let ball fly through that hole in wall. That is possible but it's highly unlikely. I have a better idea. Why not return to good old "vintage" free kicks ? Why not try Del Piero way ?

There are two ways how to make dangerous shot on opponent goal from direct free kick. One and the best way is to try to send ball over wall targeting corner of goal not covered by goalkeeper. If you can send ball over wall with enough pace and power it will be very hard for goalkeeper to save or deflect it. This is the best way and this is how the best free kick takers are doing it.

Other way, if wall is to close or players are to big and you think it's impossible to send ball over wall, is to target corner of goal protected by goalkeeper. However that shot must be very, very powerful and if possible ball should bounce in front of goalkeeper making it impossible to catch it. Couple of your team mates need to run toward goal hoping non controlled deflection will go to them to tap in inside. That's what I call dangerous free kick. Remember Dier-Regullion goal against Leeds at home ? That's what I am talking about.

So my dear Harry if you can't send ball over wall in non protected part of goal, please step down from free kicks and let someone who can do it to try. Son looks like someone who can do it while Dier and Davies are looking like players with cracking powerful shots too. My advice to you is to let them do free kicks while you run toward goal trying to get possible deflection. Trust me Harry you'll score more goals like that than by taking free kicks in way you are doing them now.

No one from fans like poor free kicks which end in hitting knee or navel of player in live wall. I am sure Gianni Vio Tottenham new set pieces and free kick specialist will train with squad this important segment of football game.

Joke for the end: Maybe we should insist that in new extended contract with Harry Kane club put "release from free kicks" clause with possible fines if Harry Kane takes free kick and ball hit lower parts of live wall. It could be exciting quick get rich scheme for Spurs owner Daniel. :)

No one disrespect you Harry, you are club best player, legend, divinity, but your direct free kicks are not any danger for opponents and that is a big problem. Watch how Del Piero, Sinisa Mihajlovic and others did it in the past, try to practice them or step down and let someone else to do it.