Eden Hazard

When you lose important game like Champions League semi final you should be nervous or at least upset. Being invisible during game should make you more upset. If your club paid you abnormal amount of money that should make you more unhappy. Eden Hazard bought for more than 100 million is not such type of player. He laugh with his ex team mates after the game.

He was so good during it that he made some twitter users initiate police investigation for missing person. "If anyone see this man please inform nearest police station" they wrote. He was invisible, didn't do anything useful during 90 minutes and then laugh with ex team mates. Who did he laugh to ? To Perez or to Madrid fans or to Zidane ? What did he think ? Must tell ex team mate hahaha can you believe those fools gave over 100,000,000 for me ? Hahahaha. Very funny! LoL

Benzema told once "Don't pass to him he's playing against us", but I think he didn't mean on Hazard, but some other Real Madrid player. Eden looked just like that, just like playing against them. Can't understand why Zidane didn't substitute him. Chelsea is to good side to play with 5th column player in your side.

"I am proud on my players" said Zizou after. Proud on what ? On all those lonely rabbits running all alone toward Real Madrid goal ? They were full-fledged for firecrackers (5 in the net). They didn't make any serious chance in entire second half, while making only 2 dangerous shots, both by Benzema, toward goal in first half. So poor! I can sign West Ham could make better resistance than them. Now I understand better why they want closed Superleague where they can't be relegated. LoL! Madrid Madrid!