Tottenham won disadvantageous Olimpique de Marseille with 2:0 in Champions League week 1. It was frustrating game, they were very concentrated, disciplined, but one Son's run in second half leave them with 10 man because of last man doing foul over him in 100% chance. Soon after Antonio put all cards in attack and let Deki Kulusevski in instead the best player to that point Emerson Royal.

We saw moment of magic when Ivan Perisic made superb, world class cross toward Brazilian who did header and sent ball inside back of the net for opening time wasting visitors. Hojbjerg then showed us how big danger he can really be in attack by doing similar cross from similar position. It was much harder to score from that position, bit Richy showed us superb serious skill with headers and sent ball toward post and it deflected this time inside the net! I knew luck will return us that going out from last game. Luck returned us much sooner than I thought. Those two attempts were only kicks on goal made by Tottenham.

Guests could also score two goals in second half, but Davies and Ivan Perisic cleared first big chance, while Davies prevented goal with heroic tackle at the end.

Hugo Lloris need to explain what he wanted with punching ball from inside the box when he was all alone inside the penalty area. Everyone would catch the ball but he boxed it like against Wolves in infamous match. I don't know what he was doing ?! Other situation which made on my nerves so hard was when after Son's run and red card and foul on 20m from goal I saw Harry Kane preparing to take free kick! What we saw was the most pathetic attempt which ended like always in live wall. I couldn't believe what I saw. People then claim Son was the worst on the pitch. He didn't play very good, but he literally decided match with one run and Harry Kane was much worse if not the worst on the pitch. He missed pathetically and selfishly couple of half and one big chance .

That didn't make me much angry, but this free kick really sent me to the dark side. I mean do you remember Harry Kane ever sent ball over live wall toward goal from free kick ? I don't. His moving toward ball rise big questions like does Conte have any authority over those players ? If he has how is this possible ?! How can it be that the the worst free kick taker which I saw from 80ies until now is still taking free kicks ruining club's big chance to score a goal ? I really hope someone will ask that Antonio, because this is way to much. Last time when he did it I thought foul was on him and deal might be that player can take it, but even then it's wrong. This foul was on Son, position for left foot player like Son or Davies to kick and he gets it ? What the hell Harry ?!

If we want to be serious club Son need to be removed from corners and doctor for crosses Ivan Perisic must take them. I don't want to see Harry Kane nowhere near the ball on direct free kick from now on. I want to see him among other players preparing to take possible deflection after free kick.

Emerson Royal real fans see your progress. Richarlison's mentoring are obvious. Other Brazilian can make space for cross now. He made one good cross too. Good in terms of pace and where ball went, but no Spurs player went on it. It will come, I know Richy is mentoring him, he and Ivan will teach this great defender and man of the match until he went out to cross and then we'll bomb opponents from both sides.

Richarlison... What to tell about him? He had quiet game until that cross for Louvre came to him. Then he showed great superb skill with header. We know now he can make superb crosses, he can dribble, he can do header. I was wrong about him, he's serious player. Antonio and Fabio knew what they were doing when they signed him. It was a pity many Spurs fans still don't know this great Spurs Song Sheet song about him.

There he was just juggling the ball,

Singing do wha diri diri dum diri do

He told Carragher you can cry more,

Singing do what diri diri dum diri do

He looks good, he looks fine,

Richarlison is on my mind

and he's Tottenham's number 9

Singing do what diri diri dum do

Tottenham's new Brazilian wearing white and blue...

He literally cried after the game because playing Champions League in front of his father and scored two goals is "dream come true" situation for him. Pidgin dance was not missing after. Nice one pidgin!

Richarlison Andrade

After the game savage away supporters threw fireworks or torches on Tottenham fans so riot police entered into stadium to deal with them.There is not much space for celebration because we have Manchester City away for couple of days. We'll see how big gap between them and us really us. COYS!