Warning this article is joke, but every part of it actually happen during Serbia Cameroon game. War behind scenes a part from Shaman on stands lead to 3:3 draw and many ups and downs during the game. Here it is what happen.

It's scientific stance that photons behave differently when you watch and when you don't watch them. Scientists noticed that but can't explain. They act like particles in one and waves in other case. This is a very big mystery. It is well known fact that tv picture is some kind of photons.

I started to watch it. Mitrovic missed clear header which he would score every other day. He then made good action make himself chance but was unlucky to hit the post. After he missed sitter from around 7-10 meters. That upsets me, but I continue watching. We conceded goal after vintage corner like little kids and that upset me too. Fact that corner happen after stupid sending ball there for no reason upset me more. Soon after however one of our players sent clear ball on center in out between two team mates! That was to big upset which made me condemn that squad by tweeting "You have no clue! I will not watch you anymore you bunch of ignorant!" following by picture of tv and X. I switched off TV. Soon after it was 1:1, but I was not satisfied yet. Not much longer it was 2:1 for us and I remembered above theory. "Don't worry I will not turn on TV until the end" I tweeted after... In the beginning of second half it was 3:1 and then they understood what it is all about in Switzerland.

So why they made it 3:3 then ? Switzerland player admitted he turn off his TV on 3:1 for Serbia and that confused photons which started to behave otherwise again! 3:2, soon after 3:3. I released something is wrong at 3:3 but it was to late. I turn on TV saying "I want 4:3 and that instantly stopped Cameroon attacks and Mitrovic had one good chance again (from offside) which he missed. Game ended in 3:3!

Next game against Switzerland will be with war behind scenes. I'll try to start to watch, but if we start to play badly or concede goal I will switch off to change things on the pitch. I know knowledge now! I hope our coach Piksi will start to make good decisions and substitutes in upcoming games too. Playing a player who hasn't his day with Vlahovic or even Jovic on the bench was not right. Switzerland is stronger, more serious, has much better defense, it's going to be hard mission to win them especially with two defensive midfielders which don't know how to play football and only one attacker, but lets see. Maybe Mitrovic will have his day against Switzerland?