Match between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur will start at 15 o'clock CET. North London club is going to far north to play against team which is above them on the table. The Magpies didn't look good against Aston Villa, except short period in second half when they looked like capable of scoring goal. Tottenham also didn't look good in last game against Bournemouth which ended up in surprising win of away side.

Despite all of that I can feel it is going to be great match in amazing atmosphere Newcastle fans can make on their ground. I've heard Allan Sain-Maximin or in short ASM will not be ready for this match. That gives us little hope that we can maybe compete with them for points in this match. Otherwise it would be toying with Pedro Porro on the right side. It looks like Willock or Murphy will play on that position. Other side is bit of problem too because probably Miggy Almiron is going to face our only option on LWB position which is Ivan Perišić. There are also Callum Wilson or Isak. Bruno and Joelington are dangers too and of course our ex player Trippier.

I am not sure about this but from what I heard Davies will not be ready to start just like Lenglet. That means our LCB position is open to some player who rarely played there. I am afraid that would be Davinson Sanchez (!). I am scared of him more than of opponents. Other possibility is to put Romero there and make combination for 5 goals on the right with Sanchez and Porro... It has to be Sanchez or Tanganga. Both are out of form and very incapable to play top level football. Perisic and Porro are ok when going up, but when they need to defend that looks horrific. On the other side I am sure Son can do something against Trippier and Deki against tall ex Burnley who plays left back for Toons.

I can already feel Newcastle players charged batteries and that they are ready to wash out bad display against Aston Villa. I am sure they remember how we trashed them 5:1 under Conte last season and they want revenge for that for sure. One thing is sure, there will be goals today. I mean a lot of goals like 4 or even more. I expect someone to win with result of 3:1. Who that might be ? If we add Tottenham poor away form it's easy to conclude it's going to be 3:1 for Newcastle. This does not mean I don't hope Tottenham will surprise me with good result. Tottenham can surprise against better sides from time to time. Let's see what happens!