Strahinja Pavlovic scored header for Serbia

Hungary won match against Serbia on Puškaš Arena with result of 2:1. This win means they qualified for next Euro from position 1 in our group. It was good, exciting game in front of full stadium which is nice to see. Serbia played well most of the game, had a lot of chances and more of possession and corners, while Hungarians were very dangerous on counter attacks. A part from goals we've seen crossbar by Hungary, 2-3 more big chances from them like header straight into goalkeeper, one on one miss of goal. Serbia had more chances, hit two times post in same attack in second half, a lot of headers like in stoppage time, but Hungarian goalkeeper and defenders held our pressure yet again just like they did in Belgrade in second half. We scored also two disallowed goals, but both decisions were correct small but still - offside.

Our left back couldn't stop Hungarians on his side for most of the game. Bad offside trap lead to quick counter attack and easy goal for hosts for 1:0. One player escaped on our left side, stormed toward goal, made low cross for Varga who scored easily from inside the box. Before that our player who went on my nerves the hardest Mijat Gaćinović failed to make back short pass toward alone Mitrović, but sent ball on second post and chance has gone. We had also Živković Mitrović 2 on 1 counter attack but Živković ball didn't come to Mitrović like it should because Hungarian defender touched it just enough to make it not go where it should. We had also situation when Mitrović has stolen a ball and went one on one with goalkeeper near the edge of the box, tried to move around him, but went to right from goal after and couldn't score. Strahinja Pavlović scored for 1:1. It was beautiful jump and header after corner and ball went in far corner of goal in 33. minute. Literally in next attack we saw the best moment of the game. Ball came to Hungarian player number 20 Sallai he looked clumsy but calmed down ball which bounced in front of him and sit on his volley perfectly and end up like rocket inside our net. That was ball which was going away from our goalkeeper Savić. He had no chance to save it.

Salai goal against Serbia

This was ultimate proof guy whose podcast I saw was wrong when he said players should not try to block shots. :)

We were far better side in first 20-25 minutes of second half, missed I don't know how many chances. After that Hungarians made couple of counter attacks which fortunately didn't end up inside our net. We had few very good situations near the end, header from 5m, Mitrović miss header, selfishness of one player who shoot on goal from 20 m in bad way instead of pass to Mitrović who was all alone on right. That player pissed me off really badly.

Big problem for us is fact that our biggest stars like Mitrović, SMS went to play football in Saudi Arabia, Tadić went in Turkey and looked slower and like one who is holding ball to long. Vlahović didn't play due to injury. So our best players except Valhović are playing in not to competitive leagues.

Chances for Euro for us didn't disappear. We need to be on necessary level against Montenegro and Bulgaria, to win those two games and seal second place. Hungarians get away twice, but like people here say 3rd time God helps, let that 3rd time be on next Euro.

For the end I will leave this picture here. It's Hungarian fan in trance after volley second goal. I'd be in same state if we scored that kind of goal. LoL

Hungarian fan after world class volley goal vs Serbia

We saw some bad scenes after the game, some brawl between players, yellow card for our and red card for one Hungarian player, but nothing to serious. It was sharp contrast to so fair play game with very small number of fouls and excellent referee who didn't make two wrong decisions during entire game.

We can only congratulate to rival for qualifying on Euro and to win last two games and to go there too.