SpursSongSheet with song I'm City 'till July.

Tomorrow is match which will probably directly decide about title in Premier League this year. It's match between Tottenham and Manchester City. Spurs are last hope of Arsenal to win the title. Yes there will be one more match City vs West Ham in Manchester, but I really don't think Pep will miss that match ball if that game finds him on position number 1 on the table, like I am sure Arsenal would not miss it vs Everton in case City lose point or three against Tottenham.

Arsenal player Harvetz said "He'll become the biggest Spurs fan ever on Tuesday". LoL Couple of seasons ago I was all for honest play, I was fascinated how Spurs won Leicester in last week and help Chelsea to go to CL instead of Leicester, how Newcastle won vs Arsenal and helped Tottenham to go to CL season after,, but some things change since than. This year FA_PGMOL made this competition non regular. Referees made so many mistakes, it was so much inconsistency, incopetence and plundering that it looked worse than Serbian Superlegue.

Plundering of Spurs in game vs Arsenal is still in fresh memory. Three non given penalties, one goal after possible penalty number 2, refusal of Michael Oliver to go in front of monitor after Arsenal second goal despite VAR called him etc... Spurs asked PGMOL for clarification about fouls on goalkeeper in 5 meters, but they didn't even bother to answer anything on that. It was because it seems hard contact on goalkeeper in 5 meters is foul except when it is Tottenham goalkeeper Vicario. I understand they have nothing to say because it is so obvious. Howard Webb even mocked Spurs saying Michael Oliver did great job vs Arsenal, Gallagher never find referee made mistake against Spurs no matter how big and obvious error was. On the other hand they did all they can to help Arsenal in games vs Liverpool, City and some others like yesterday vs Manchester United. What was penalty for Arsenal when the biggest Spurs fan Havertz dragged his leg over ground to trip himself recently and what was not penalty on second part of the pitch and how they disallowed goal of Arsenal opponent for non existent foul, and didn't give penalty for foul over rover fouls against attacker before away side scored goal. Magnitude of pro Arsenal bias in PGMOL is so huge that it let even ex player Paul Merson astonished that was not goal or penalty for away side!

Other thing was fact that some clubs deliberately let Leciester win games when they were in title race against Spurs. Two seasons ago Chelsea also let Arsenal win on purpose trying to help them to get 4th place which they bottled. One player kicked ball backward deliberately in space for Arsenal player to score and Touchel said after it was some problem with grass. I expect similar problems with grass tomorrow.

Because of this ridiculous bias of PGMOL and behavior of some other clubs like Chelsea I am all for them to watch easy City victory tomorrow. Let's make Howard Webb and Dermot Gallagher, Chelsea and Arsenal fans crying near monitors. 99% of our fans would love to see City win that game, they even have song "I'm City 'till July". They even plan to turn back to pitch and to celebrate City title to make Arsenal fans furious.

I can only say "I'm City 'till July, I'm City 'till July, I know I am I'm sure I am I'm City 'till July!". If somehow Spurs win that would be because Kronke offered Levy to build some hotels near Spurs stadium and final proof Levy is not Spurs, but Chelsea or Arsenal fan. Win against City would push all Tottenham fans in LevyOut group. That would be spectacular defacing of West London Trojan Horse in charge of Tottenham!