Harry Kane

Tottenham played and won friendly match against Glasgow Rangers yesterday. Final result was 2:1 for Spurs and here are my impressions about this game.

First I didn't like seeing Sanchez like left central back because he was awful in that role against Mura last season. I was also not happy with Royal on right wing back. What's the point to put player you think will leave Spurs in preseason friendly ? It was game against opponent which will defend and try to counter attack us. We need better offensive right wing back for such clubs. Maybe Matt Doherty was injured or something I don't know. I guess Conte felt it was probably to early to put players like Lenglet or Spence in squad from start.

Spurs dominated ball possession and created few chances, but didn't score because Hojbjerg missed entire goal when he was alone in front of goalkeeper with plenty of time and space for shot. He missed goal reminding us that he is zero threat to opposition when we attack. Guy is fighter, great in corrupting play of other side, ball recovery, blocking, tackling but he isn't any threat in attack. He lacks skill with ball.

Other thing I noticed was that right wing back Emerson Royal is completely useless in attack. How many times did he receive ball in promising positions and destroy our attack ? Unbelievable! I get feeling even if you pass ball to him all alone and let him run toward goal, he'd more likely stumble over ball than do something useful. Guy is not bad in defending, but he's completely useless in attack. The worst thing about that is that all other clubs know this and will let him free on wing back position and use defenders to mark other dangerous Spurs players. Once he receive ball alone you just run toward him and he's been done. He'll either pass back ruining promising situation either lose the ball or run back with it.

Rangers went on half time with 1:0 lead thanks to very nice heel move by their player who tricked our defenders and pass ball to alone player who scored easily from close range.

Conte did some changes at half time and Spurs scored two goals very quickly after that. Both were superb kicks by big daddy Harry Kane. Rangers defense allowed him one on one inside the box and when you do that you can count for sure you'll be done. Well they've been done because Harry made smart move and fired up great shot in far corner of goal for 1:1. Second goal was volley from the ground powerful attempt which ended inside the net. Soon after he received well deserved ovations from home crowd. It was nice to see.

Later during the game Ivan Perisic and Djed Spence came in. Ivan Perisic made one great move on the left he tricked opponent, get space made superb rocket-cross toward Richarlison's head but he shoot over bar. Very serious move by serious player. He had one more shot on goal with scissors from close range but ball went little high. I am convinced he'll be serious add on to this squad. Djed on other side showed potential, defensive skill and pace. I'll rate him like very promising player.

Ivan Perisic in action

Richarlison came in in second half, tried to do something useful, but only thing apart from missed header I noticed were two fouls on him. He is really master of dark arts. When he fall in real time I think it was foul for yellow card, I think his leg is seriously hurt, but then on replay I hardly see slightest contact. I don't like that and referee and opposition fans don't like that too.

Conte has interresting idea about Lucas on right wing back. He tried that again against Rangers, but I guess he was not too impressive in that role.

One more impression. We didn't score any goal from set pieces, but every time we had a corner it was dangerous for Rangers. I felt like we miss very little to score from them. We also saw one more free kick of Harry Kane which ended in live wall, but progress is visible. Ball didn't end in abdomen of player but in upper part of body. Problem is fact that free kick from that position was more for Son than for Kane to take. Anyway Gianni's work has been noticed.

Conclusion: it's nice to win friendly game, but fact that some of our players are useless or almost useless in attack can be big problem against teams which defend against us. Sanchez is also not a solution on left central back. Let's hope Paratici will find some serious player for that position as well as creative midfielder. COYS!

Oh one more impression. Rangers right back James Tavernier is very creative and skillful. He can play easily in Premier League. It's a pity he's 30 years old.