Tottenham owners

Tottenham owners better known as insider traders finally sold club's best player and all time goal scorer Harry Kane. Lack of ambition Antonio Conte talked about, different visions of club by Conte and Kane and Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy where first two wanted club who is fighting for something important while last two want only supporters money for building hotels around finally lead to inevitable - departure of club legend. It's not just owner's fault it's fault of majority of fans who accepted owner vision and only hundred of them show up on protests. Relax dear fans you will still pay the highest ticket prices in England! No need to be upset. There is plan. We want the worst crap of player no one wants Romelu Lukaku to replace Kane. LoL!

Doing this when second class striker called Richarlison has been injured and might go to surgery and no work on Veliz's work permit is proof of wise planning of those cons and insider traders. Real question here is are they total idiots or are they deliberately destroying this football club ? My answer on that is I think it's last one. We have Chelsea Trojan Horse running and ruining our football club.

Good thing about this is fact that this club will become relegation cannon fodder next season. Valuation of club will drop for sure from 2-3 billion to 1-2 billion very soon which might make some normal person to buy and overtake this club from these cons. Government of England should interfere here because Tottenham is well known world wide brand of England and club with great history and destroying of it should not be allowed. They should start to investigate those cons like USA authorities are doing.

About Kane himself I can't hide I am disappointed because he went to club which approached very arrogant, talked to player long before advising him not to sign new contract, sending their journalist over half world to try to provoke new coach etc... I'd swallow going to Real Madrid easier. I can thank to player for his service, goals, money he brought to the club. He abandoned trying to overtake Shearer's EPL goal scoring record and I am sad about that. Few Bundesliga titles which my grandmother could win with Bayern will not prove anything and I am very sure he can't win Champions League with Bayern and it's ugly arrogant coach.

I am so happy I am just international fan who doesn't pay any money to those cons but just watching games on TV. There is remote controller for that amazing device which I feel I will press a lot of times to change channels during next season. I hope Damian Williams has strong case against Joe Lewis in USA.

He left because of you, he left because of you, Daniel Levy he left because of you!