Harry Kane scores after saved penalty

I wrote Harry Kane has been destined to do unimaginable things like winning major trophies like Euro and World cup with England which didn't win it from 1966, or winning title with Tottenham who didn't win it since 1961. I am more convinced it's happening now. England won Denmark 2:1 after extra time and very very hard game thanks to penalty over Sterling and Kane's goal after Casper Schmeichel deflected his penalty kick.

I won't lie I didn't like England performance, I saw big fear from the beginning particularly at Pickford and few other players. After Denmark scored from free kick I knew it's going to be very though. It looked like England started to play after conceding goal, made big chance for Sterling who missed it, but then equalized after good action of Saka, Sterling and player who passed to Saka on wing. Second half didn't look much better I was ragging for Grealish, Fodden and Henderson, but Southgate brought only Grealish around 70th minute and things started to look little better. When he finally brought Fodden and especially Henderson in extra time it looked like England start to dominate game. Then penalty over Sterling happen. We all knew Harry Kane will take that kick.

I was just thinking don't miss it now... Schmeichel dived in corner and deflected his kick, but ball came to him again and he scored for great eruption on Wembley. Since that goal England started kicking high balls, defending, Grealish went off Trippier came in, but Denmark was unable to do any serious threat.

Maradona once scored goal with hand in semi final against England. He called it "Hand of God" there is even song about it in Emir Kusturica's movie about Argentine legend. If he had "Hand of God" I'll call this "Deflection of God" for Harry Kane. He deserve that with his passion, effort, work ethics and everything he does on and off the pitch for Spurs and England. This goal deserve new song if possible on melody of this Argentinian. Providence has spoken! England is winning it first time in history, Harry Kane is taking Euro 2020 and will rise trophy first time in career. All of that only if players enter into the game brave and if Southgate chose right squad and do right time changes!

Maybe Diego winked to the God from heaven for that to happen! We should sing now:

La deducción de dios Oleoleole Harry Harry!

Come on England!