Loris Karius made great smatch in goal like in Voleyball! 

We all laughed (if we are not Liverpool fans) at Loris and Liverpool in Champions League final because of goals given to Real Madrid as present on funny way in final by goal keeper Loris Karius. Some people thought previous kick in head by Ramos made him dizzy, but I don't think so.

Lad is true champion! His career at Anfiled was of course ended, and Turkish squad Besiktas bought the guy. Last night he made another mistake like clown against Malmo in Europa League. He smashed innocent cross from right side right in the net like some Volleyball star! Maybe it was not kick in head on last year's final (or hit was so hard that it made some permanent damage), or maybe guy just choose sport badly. Maybe he should try himself in Voleyball!

Sentence LOL changed meaning after this to Laugh On Loris! LOL. Hilarious!!!