Dejan Kulusevski scored header in 90th minute for Man City Tottenham 3:3

Tottenham got point from away game against champions of Europe and England thanks to 90. minute header made by Dejan Kulusevski which hit crossbar and deflected inside the net just like football fans love! It meant result was 3:3 and points shared. I will try to find out what this type of celebration means. :)

Dejan Kulusevski

Tottenham didn't look good in first half despite being first to score a goal. We had great troubles in carrying ball toward their half and breaking their press. Emerson Royal was weak link during first half, he was sloppy and lost couple of balls in dangerous areas. He's not the only one who was bad in that period. First goal happen in 6. minute when young Brian Gil turned around his player on about 20m from our goal, kept the ball and with last bit of remaining strength sent it sideways toward alone Dejan Kulusevski who fired up long ball toward Son. That ball seems to had eyes because it looked like it's running away from Doku and going where Son wants it. South Korean made lovely body move tricked Doku get advantage and sent ball in front and run in front of City player. They run toward the box and Son fired shot from narrow angle and ball came under Ederson and ended inside the net for 0:1. Some things are inevitable in life and one of those things is Son scoring goal against Manchester City.

Happiness last very short because in 9th minute Manchester City equalized after set pieces situation. Ball flight over Haaland and Bissouma and hit Son and unlucky deflection ended up inside Vicario's net. I have impression even if he didn't touch it City player on back post Gvardiol would score it anyway. City had two more chances, one after last time clearing in front of Haaland after which one City player was in front of Vicario, but Italian got the ball. Then Emerson Royal who was awful in first half lost one of many balls and situation escalated toward big chance for Haaland who sent ball wide of goal. Player from Norway would score from that situation in 99 of 100 attempts, but not today. Spurs had one dangerous counter attack but Johnson's right time pass was cleared just before ball would come to Son for easy tap in. It was desperate tackle-clearing but it succeed for Dias.It was great long ball in space for Johnson on right wing who got advantage over Gvardiol, stormed inside the penalty box, but Dias cleared it. Then in one fast attack Doku had opportunity but his shot hit crossbar and then post and went out of goal. Then in 31. minute bad clearance by Royal toward 18m. we lost ball there and City players made couple of short low passes and Fodden ran alone in front of Vicario for easy tap in and 2:1 for home side. Emerson Royal played really poor on that goal, but some other players were also done really good in that action. Home side had one very good shot after by Alvarez which hit post and deflected wide of goal. Few minutes later we lost ball again and situation escalated with big chance for Haaland but his kick went sky high over crossbar. They really could batter us in that first half. It could be 4 or 5:1 for them.

I don't know what Ange told to players in the dressing room. Dejan Kulusevski told he just told them to play football without fear because he will take responsibility on himself for whatever happen. Tottenham was entire different team in second half. I don't know if it was because of Spurs players or because home side drop gear satisfied with result waiting to catch us on counter attack. Gil went out and Hojbjerg came in which meant Dejan Kulusevski is going back on right wing, Johnson back on left and Lo Celso probably forward in midfield. Second half started with bad pass from Vicario and dangerous shot by B. Silva which Italian saved in very effective way tipping that shot into corner. We had few attempts by Johnson, but those balls were easy for Ederson. Then something non-imaginable happen. City players tried to play high ball on Haaland on center, but Ben Davies (!!) was faster jumped in front of him and did header straight toward Son who made first time quick pass toward Lo Celso and Argentinian moved ball on left foot and fired on goal from around 17-18m and ball hit post and deflected inside the net just like football fans like (when their team shot). Suddenly already ended game became open again with 2:2. It was 68. minute and plenty of time until the end.

Ben Davies won ball before Haaland
Lo Celso scoring goal for Tottenham vs Man City

Lo Celso is real danger when he shots from around 16-20 meters with left foot. We got wings, Lo Celso almost scored one more after corner when he fired up from narrow angle with left foot, but his shot was blocked by Grealish just enough so it flied just near post. It was very serious shot. City have one chance couple of minutes later but shot ended up above crossbar. In 81. minute Emerson Royal who was better in second half did not the best clearing, but ball came to Bissouma, he walked between two opponents, but third took him ball in dangerous position and situation quickly escalated to big chance. Ball went on wing, low cross followed and Jack Grealish did tap in for 3:2 for Manchester City. Ange seems not to impressed with this losing of ball and soon after substitute Bissouma who could easy send ball left toward alone team mate, but he decided to turn on other side which surprised two opponents. He almost sent ball through the legs of third but alas he took the ball and we conceded goal... Then 89. minute came. Skipp started attack, gave ball to Son, Tottenham skipper sent it for Johnson on left wing, Welshman had opponent in front of him, but made good cross Dejan Kulusevski won Ake in aerial duel and sent ball off the crossbar inside the net for 3:3! Crossbar and post on that goal really liked us today!

Dejan Kulusevski scored goal in every visit to Etihad Stadium

It was not end of excitement. They tried all in attack, didn't make chance, we had one promising counter attack with a lot of players, but final pass was not right and it didn't end up with shot, but with attempt of re-counter. Haaland got ball, was fouled by Royal, stood up quickly and sent long ball toward Grealish who ran toward our goal alone in front of vicario on 35-40m of goal with two Spurs players behind him, but then referee blow whistle for foul on Haaland and gave yellow card to Royal which made Haaland, Pep and company really furious. A part from that decision referee was excellent with fouls, right time deserved cards and everything else. It might be that he thought Grealish might be in offside, or Haaland didn't calm down ball before kicking it I don't know.

We should not lie ourselves we were outplayed badly in first half, they could batter us then, but we were good in second half. All players gave everything on the pitch and that is important. We didn't have luck in previous couple of games, so I guess we deserve some luck now. This is especially valid for Dejan Kulusevski who played like a dragon vs Aston Villa but was unfortunate not to score. He was man of the match today too. Dejan is on fire! For next game Romero will be back and our defense will be better.

Curiosity is Haaland tweeted wtf for last situation, Cutie Romero replied "cry at home". Well done Ange, well done Tottenham and well done to all players involved. It's good to stop losing row against champions of Europe and England.