Decimated Tottenham which now have very solid eleven of injured players are facing non less than champions of England and Europe Manchester City. I know that some miraculous victories for Spurs happen in the past over this opponent, but I have no illusion about this match. We are going to lose and we are going to lose it with very good goal margin. Question is only how many goals will they put inside our net ?

On his press conference coach Ange Postecoglou told journalists he doesn't plan to change his way of playing football no matter on circumstances. All big clubs insist to play their way no matter what and according to him that will be the case with Tottenham against Manchester City away. As far as I understand that means we will try to play open body to body attacking football. We will try to get the ball from them and hold it.

Other significant statement was answer on question does lack of height we've seen vs Aston Villa with Davies and Royal as central backs make him think it's time to put Eric Dier in the squad because there is very tall and strong Haaland in home side. He told absolutely no. Those are very brave statements which could lead us toward high line of Davies and Royal or aerial duels between Davies and Haaland.

I put a lot of hope into Vicario, I hope he will have his big day during which he will not concede that many goals I see from described situations. It's not questionable we can make counter or attacks with pace and create chances too, but City players are far better than players like Davies, Royal, Lo Celso and Gil. If we have full squad ready with Madders, Bentancur, Romero and Van de Ven I might be optimistic, but with what we have now I am not. Bissouma will return from suspension, midfield of Bissouma, Lo Celso and Kulusevski is not that bad. Attack with Son and Johnson too, but Gil is waste place in squad. Left and right backs are ok, goalkeeper too, but central defenders are big concern. Davies is not tall and he is not one of the fastest players. Royal is very limited player. Vicario will really need to step up big time to manage this defeat as low as possible.

I respect what Ange said, despite I'd do it otherwise. Remember we are in the beginning of way to become team we want to be. Remember we have like 11 injured players and a part of Son, Udogie and Vicario all key players are injured or suspended. Bentancur (Matty Cashe I still hate you passionately), Madders, Romero, Van de Ven, Sarr. Guilt for this possible bad defeat is on chairman and owners of club Daniel Levy and ENIC and very bad medical team. They made very very good first eleven, but failed miserably in making good squad. Even if we lose with result like 10:0 we should not turn against Ange Postecoglou. He is doing everything he can in this situation.

Match is on Sunday in 17:30 Central European Time unless big snow or cold postpone it. I expect lost like 5:2. We're not team originated in Woolwich to postpone game because of injury crisis with 1 covid case. We're not runners, we are not running away, we're showing up and playing with what we have at the moment.