Manchester United Tottenham

Tottenham will face Manchester United at Old Trafford tomorrow on Sunday in 17:30 CET. It's well known fact that North London club usually lose at that place, just like it's well known fact that referees allow Manchester United players to do what they want on the pitch and fail to give them cards for fouls when they deserve them. It was possible that Varane elbow with a lot of power straight into head Lucas Moura inside the box on 2:0 for Manchester United and nothing was given.

Last year Spurs looked poor at Old Trafford. They should win that game with a lot of more than 2:0, but Lloris saved Tottenham on that day. That was his only big performance during last season. On the other side we didn't create practically anything. However this season we won them at home after similar number of chances and couple of great saves by Vicario.

People are saying Manchester United is bad this season. Bournemouth won them 0:3, Nottingham won them 2:1 etc... Well they were even worse last season when we played them away and made them look like Real Madrid prime. Tomorrow game is last train for them to try to close the gap between them and top 4-5 clubs. It's well known they are very motivated to play against Tottenham.

Home side have couple of players returning from injuries like Martinez and Casemiro. Tottenham have big list of absent players. News is that Lo Celso will be unavailable, Kulusevski is under question mark which leaves only Skipp, Hojbjerg, Bentancur and Donley as midfield options. Romero return in training but Ange said it would be to soon for him to play tomorrow despite Argentinian wants to play. Romanian defender Dragusin should be ready if club can finish his work permit which should not be a problem. Van de Ven is also training for 2 weeks and he might be back tomorrow too.

It will be interesting to see if our midfield will be Skipp/Hojbjerg, Bentancur and Kulusevski or Skipp, Hojbjerg and Bentancur or maybe young non scouted player Donley who plays on position 10 can get his chance tomorrow. Non scouted players can be big surprise for opponents. I am sure boy knows everything about Casemiro and that Casemiro doesn't know anything about him if you know what I mean. Some people are saying Casemiro will kick him 90 minutes. That's when man from bellow picture should step in and use his cards on proper way. If I need to chose I'd rather have him than Bentancur kicked for 90 minutes.

John Brooks

As I said a lot depends on this man. If he use his cards on proper way we might have chance to play football and then everything is possible. If he allow them to kick us for 90 minutes we will lose of course.

I don't have big expectation from this game. I know we usually lose there. This match is more important to them and they will probably win. However I expect our better play than last year on their ground. I just don't see how will those non clinical 3 score a goal against Manchester United tomorrow. On the other hand I don't see us stopping Rashford and Bruno from scoring goals against us. I hope I am wrong, but expect 2 or 3:0 loss tomorrow. I will be satisfied if we don't get new injuries after this match.

It's going to be easier after this one because two key players like Madders and Romero will be back for next opponent. No matter how Radu Dragusin is good, he will need time to learn how to play in different system with different players.