Next manager of Barcelona ?

With recent bad performance of Barcelona Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde came under magnifying glass. Some people already want his head claiming he is failure and that he is not worth to be coach of Barcelona.

Long time ago in country which invented football - England there was a role caled player-manager. That was person who can still play on field while being coach of club. He can decide to put himself in the game instead of some player. I saw such situations in the past in England Premier League.

Rumors that Messi threatened Barcelona that he won't play for club if they don't get rid of some players for who he thinks are not worth playing in Barca, or if they fail to bring Pogba to club, remind me on that player-manager position. Rumors that some Argentina players (and not bad one like Iguain on example) could not play for Argentina in the past because Messi disliked him increase speculations that he is practically coach of Argentina too. We all know that person who said "Messi is not Barcelona" got fired from the club. It looks like Barcelona is hostage of Lionel Messi!

If he is already coach of Argentina and Barcelona why don't they give him official responsibility by appointing him as player manager for that club ? He is over 30 anyway!

My opinion is that someone from club need either to appoint him as player manager either to tell him that no matter how big player he is Barcelona existed before him and will exist after him and that he is not bigger than club! He need remind where is his place!