5 meter line should not exist in penalty box.

Tottenham draw against Everton away with result of 2:2. Approach to the game from start was good and we scored very early. It was easy goal after very bad defending of Everton players. Werner had ball left, sent simple short ball in space for Udogie who ran for it and sent it toward Richarlison on around 6 meters and Brazilian sent it inside the net with his left foot. It was nice goal and not so easy situation because ball went little behind him. However it is consequence of very bad defending of home side.

Hosts showed they watched Man City goal from FA cup and implemented same strategy to push our goalkeeper in 5 meters so he can't get the ball and then once ball drops score a goal. Anti Tottenham rascal from FA_PGMOL Michael Oliver of course didn't give clear and obvious foul and VAR it seems checked only if that was offside which was not and gave goal. People from FA_PGMOL should answer me why line on 5 meters inside the penalty box exist in football ?Is maybe someone protected inside that space ? How the hell it is not foul when goalkeeper jumps to catch the ball and opponent push him with body and that push cause dropping or missing the ball ? If goalkeeper is not protected in penalty box then remove those ridiculous lines of 5 meters. Everton player literally pushed Vicario into goal. It's scandalous and it seems it is happening against Tottenham every week.

Richarlison scores goal against Everton

Spurs soon took the lead again after Madders made some dribbles and sent ball to Richarlison on 16m and Brazilian pigeon surprised everyone with almost Son like great shot into away corner. Pickford couldn't do anything in that situation. Home side had one more chance after corner, but Vicario saved it with feet.

Very nice Richarlison goal against Everton

Spurs didn't manage to finish hosts on time, Richarlison effort from second half was saved, just like Maddison's 16m shot. Home side are grizzles who can only score goal after set pieces and some deflections and that is well known fact. Tottenham players gave away them to many corners and attacking set pieces and after one of them made by Dejan Kulusevski without any need they scored. High ball inside, Romero did header, ball went close to far post where Everton player tapped it in inside the goal for 2:2.

All that happen after substitutes came in like Sarr, Kulusevski and then Skipp and Gil. Last substitue with Skipp and Gil was totally unnecessary. Radu Dragusin came in near the end too.

Tottenham players failed to keep ball enough, were slow in some moments and that lead toward losing balls. This was very good opportunity to get three points, but they managed to secure only one. Old weakness which is way of thinking "we scored goal ,we have lead, we already won the game" or how they say it here "water in the ears" showed up again.

I want to point out on good things which were Van de Ven and Udogie performance. Both defends well and both are very good on the ball. It was also nice to see Richarlison scoring from shot from 16 meters. However some losings of ball by some players and one dreadful Romero pass directly to opponent in first half were not nice to watch. This is not how contender for Champions League should play football. I can guarantee you if that game lasted for 5-10 minutes more we'd concede another goal.