Van de Ven scoring goal vs Burnley in 2:1 victory

Tottenham won "Clash of the Titans" against Burnley with result of 2:1 after great Micky Van de Ven goal. Ball came to him near the box, he controlled it well, young Scarlett who finally got chance to play near the end made defender mark him which opens space for Van de Ven who finished itwith cool shot from 15-16 meters right in the corner of goal like he's playing on striker position his entire life! It was so cool and superb finish and surely the best moment of this match.

Van de Ven scoring goal vs Burnley in 2:1 victory

I call this game "Clash of the Titans" because Spurs are on run of bad form and bad performances which made me question if they can even win Burnley or Sheffield United at the moment. Well they can still win Burnley, but this game showed big problems in Tottenham attack.

This what Maddison, Kulusevski, Johnson and Son as striker did play was nowhere near good. Kulusevski started on the left side, Johnson on the right and Son in the middle, while Scarlett was on the bench because Richarlison is again injured. Skipp was on left back position too. It was clear Skipp is slow for position after 20-25 minutes, but I appreciate this attempt. We conceded from counter attack Skipp couldn't catch Larson who scored from inside penalty box. Soon after Pedro Poro stormed inside Burnley box and scored. Fun fact is that Spurs had lower xG in first half than Burnley.

Kulusevski showed cross from "something else" series toward no one in promising attack, Maddison hijacked ball from Sarr in other promising attack just to get blocked, while Johnson showed again bad control of ball, not the smartest decision making, selfishness and inability to hit the target from very close range. Son showed once again he is not #9 but winger.

Only when Ange made substitures around 70. minute and bring in Dragusin, Scarlett, Bentancur Spurs looked dangerous and able to score. Those substitutes meant Van de Ven will go to left back position, Dragusin on left central back, Scarlett on striker and Son moved on left. Then Spurs started to create some chances, but it's yet another time defender who scored deciding goal. Maddison who wanted to score a goal at any cost failed to do so in one on one situation vs Muric who saved it

Among other things Burnley goalkeeper Muric was better playmaker for Spurs than Madders because after his bad passes in first half Spurs had some dangerous moments in front of goal.

It looks like we secured 5th spot on the table and Europa League for next season which is right competition for this stage and this team. I wouldn't expect much from this team vs Manchester City in few days. Let's not fly to high after this, because that was only Burnley which will play in Championship next season!

This Micky Van de Ven goal made some fans think about him playing forward. I can tell one thing, he surely has a pace and he looks like he can finish too. Maybe we have Van Basten in squad and we don't know that yet ? Maybe we waste his pace in defense ? I am not sure who is faster Van de Ven or Mbape ?This finish was in Van Basten style.

Dutchman became fans player of the season in Tottenham and that is fully deserved. Guy saved us numerous times with his speed catching opponent attackers, scored some important goals. Congratulations Micky! It's end time that I start to write and spell his name right! Nananananana Micky van de Ven, Micky Superman!

Pedro Porro and Micky Van de Ven