I ESon Heung-min

Son Heung-min won shared golden boot last season. However during preseason his father told he is not a superstar if he doesn't play for the biggest club. I disagree if you destroy stronger club by playing for weaker you are bigger superstar than if you play in the strongest club and destroy weaker.

I thought he is, I thought his mindset has been changed, that Conte converted him in super star near the end of last season. He stopped to pass back, but instead always try to play, to turn around with ball, beat opponent or make useful pass or action. From that point of view he is a superstar. His popularity in South Korea is telling he is superstar at least there, but his last performance against Southampton was bellow his level and forced me to rethink this!

It's true he made that cross toward Dier for 2:1, but he missed 3 big chances he usually score. In first half he had opportunity to shoot, but he made attempt straight at goalkeeper who deflected it in corner. It was not easy to score from there, but other day he would do that.

I noticed one big problem in his mindset. When he misses first big chance he can't recover from it until end of game or until he scores a goal. If he misses first chance there is very big possibility that he will miss next two too. I don't know why is that, but this game showed I was right when I noticed that. Also if he is not scoring goal for couple of games he is missing more and more until he scores first. On the other hand if he scores a goal, he gain that big confidence that you can count he will score at least one more if not even two and all of that in next couple of minutes! It's like Pacman when he eats superpower cheese and start to catch ghosts which under normal conditions run for him.

Do you remember last game of previous season in Norwich ? He missed everything, missing, missing, but once he scored first goal, he scored second few minutes after and it was great effective goal.

So he missed first chance against Southampton and had another so big that a lot worse player than he is would easily score it. He had chance to shoot, but he decided to run near defenders. He could pass ball to Kane who was also in great position to score, but he decided to shoot and missed goal badly. It looked like his mind was somewhere else and not on the pitch! Kane was angry after that, those two big friends exchange some angry gestures after that.

However the worst part which annoyed me the most happen in second half. South Korean had clear ball, storm inside box with only one player coming to him, plenty of space and time and he made so weak attempt which disabled person could save! It can't be called shoot, but direct pass to goalkeeper. It was so bad that I'd remove it from direct shots statistics...

That is not how experienced superstars in their prime finish actions! That miss return me to question is he really a superstar or not ? I like Son very much like Kane and I have message for him.

You probably know he is making fingers building camera and gesture like he's making picture after scoring goal. If we assume his every goal is one picture in his album let's pretend like we have it and look inside.

Is Jurgen Klopp there ? Yes he is!

Is Pep Guardiola there ? Yes plenty of Pep's pictures are there. Pep is so annoyed with him that he doesn't dare to say his name in public.

Is Mikael Arteta there ? Yes he is many times!

Is Jose Mourinho there ? Yes he is.

However someone is missing. That someone is not bad coach, he won Champions League once, his name is Tomas Tuchel! Son didn't picture him, That manager came in Chelsea in 2021, he's there for year and a half and he's not in album ? How can that be ?

Son Heung-min you are superstar only if every top manager is inside your album! You are not a superstar if he's not in your album! Why isn't he there ? Why do you underestimate him ? He is a top manager, who won Champions League, German deserves place in your album don't you think ? Look, I know he's not the most beautiful or photogenic coach, but strongly deserves place in your album!


So please Son PICTURE HIM! If you somehow miss first chance don't panic, but think like this it's only first one at least two more are coming soon! COYS!