Marcos Alonso fall vs Manchester United

Last weekend Chelsea and Manchester United plaid game in Premier League which ended with 2:2 draw. Before the game big majority of neutral people believed Chelsea will win that game, because they are in better form and because of tradition in last 8 games at Stamford Bridge. All looked as expected in first half. Chelsea was better and scored a goal. In second half they started good too, Jorginho did some of his magic, Morata made good first touch, got rid of defender but then poorly shoot at goal.

Then happen infamous fall of Chelsea left back Marcos Alonso. 27 years old Spanish international fell on the ground after cross in 5 meters of his own goal. He had Manchester United player behind his back. I think it was Lukaku. Few seconds after his fall ball came to Martial who was in front of him. He scored easily for 1:1. Alonso fell and start to hold his leg then head. Reasons for fall could be one of following: he was fouled by Lukaku, he wanted to trick referee to stop the game for nothing, he was influenced by some dark non sport force into conspiracy to do so to prevent Chelsea from winning or he was ill on the pitch and in that moment he felt suddenly dizzy.

I thought that Lukaku must kicked or pushed him before he hit the ball with head and fell. I was furious at referee because he didn't decide it was foul, but later on recordings I saw that no one touched him! It was not foul! What was it then ?

Other option that he wanted to trick referee is possible. Well he tricked me, if I was referee I would whistle for foul and make crucial mistake. Referee made good decision. If this is the case then he is just one non sport non fair play fraud player who should get banned from Premier League for this obvious cheating attempt ! However I don't think cheating in England Premier League is very wide spread. They are known for fair play. At least English players are known. Do you remember Fowler's jump to signal referee it was not penalty after he felt vs Arsenal (I think it was derby vs Arsenal) ? I saw something like that only there. If this was cheating attempt that deserves reward from Premier League.

Influence of dark force in sport is possible. A lot of people thought Chelsea will win easily and probably a lot of people did some bet on Chelsea. Maybe some dark hidden force was upset and influenced him to ensure Chelsea can't win the game. Well if that was the case he had better options like wrong pass in front of Chelsea's box or just let United player to pass near him for chance etc... Influence on guy who had salary of more than 600,000 E is hard, but not impossible. I don't think it could be it either because way he made it would be just too stupid.

Last reason could be that he was ill before the game or under temperature and just in that moment he felt dizzy and fell on the ground while during rest of the game he felt good. On the other hand Sari is experienced and good manager who surly wouldn't pick him up for derby game if he is not fit to play. Or would he ? I don't think he would. So story about illness is very hard to believe, but it is good as cover up and peace in house story.

So all we know is that it was not foul. If it was not influenced by dark side, not ill only remaining option was that he wanted deliberately to cheat to stop the game. That was shame if it is true! He could see after second that ref won't stop the game he had time to standup in front of Martial and to prevent score, if he just rise his leg more on the ground he could block the shoot! I think it is time for him to say why the hell he fell on the pitch ? What do you think about this ? Whatever happen he just made clown of himself.