Thriller at Stamford Bridge

This is article from "Beautiful result" series. It is a joke and I don't claim this game has been rigged!

We didn't still recover from exciting, spectacular game between Newcastle and West Ham last week and illegal gambling syndicate strikes again! Midweek games of Premier League were good opportunity. I knew there is a possibility we'll see a lot of goals in this Chelsea Manchester United game, but didn't put bet on "beautiful result" despite I saw Magpie again through window. It seems that this Magpie is announcing beautiful result which will soon happen!

Gallagher managed to score an early goal for hosts after Casemiro skillfuly spread legs to let ball come through them. Referee then easily pointed to the spot after little leg contact inside the box and let the ghost from the bottle! Palmer of course scored easily and I thought Man United is over at that point. Commentator didn't see a lot of contact, but it's important what referee saw!

I was so wrong! Soon after we saw something incredible from expensive player Moises Caicedo. He passed straight into feet of opponent! It was pass from "something else" series. His team mate with number 5 let ball pass near him in cold blood. LoL!

Something else moment in Chelsea Man United game

Man United of course exploited that howler and return to life. Before half time Bruno Fernandes scored header to level the score! That's when thought about 4:3 or 3:4 came to my head...

Second half started and Manchester United took lead and everything looked like Chelsea has been finished. I even took a little nap at that point, but then woke up just in time! Stoppage time was 8 minutes and in like 100th minute referee came on the stage big time! His communication with VAR room has been hacked and South Asian gentleman told him his wishes.

VAR room for Chelsea Manchester United game was in Malaysia :)

He immediately gave another penalty for Chelsea! Both contacts for penalties looked like soft to me, but I don't complain! Palmer scored for 3:3, but ref who was "in the game" didn't blow for the end, but let one more attack. It was big chance for Chelsea which ended in corner and after corner all Man United players pointed toward Palmer, but not signle one of them went toward him. They wanted to tell give damn ball to him... :) When he received ball inside the box one player ran to try to block but skillfully diverted ball into front corner of goal wile Onana jumped on the other side! Palmer took ball home after scoring 3 goals! Game ended of course just after that. :)

Unbelievable turnover and beautiful result is there

4th goal for Chelsea in 4:3 win against Manchester United.

Manchester United conceding 4th goal in 101. minute at Stamford Bridge

You can see what "beautiful result" means to the fans. Plenty of happy faces on stands.

Everyone loves 4:3

This is second time Poch is working out Ten Hag like this. First time he did it like Spurs manager in Amsterdam against Ajax and now he did it with Chelsea against Manchester United. It's obvious Todd is not just throwing money away in Chelsea. :) LoL

Everyone loves beautiful result of 4:3
Ten Hag has been worked out by Poch yet again

For the end I must say Manchester United fans are something else. They played 4:3 and they still complain on something. Outrageous! What should I tell them ? They already played 4:3 and 3:4 and Tottenham didn't do it single time this season! They should look at the bigger picture and incoming summer transfer window! Money need to come from somewhere! LoL!

It's happening every week now. Be on high alert because South-East Asian gentleman didn't tell their last word in this season yet! We will see more "thrillers" like this! What wise man would say "Excitement is pure gamble to win millions!" :)

Remember this article is fantasy and joke, I don't claim match has been rigged.