I just find out bad news that UEFA banned FC Partizan Belgrade with playing next 2 games without supporters. Reason fascism and racism. There are 2 faults in game against Yeni Malatyaspor. First was flag with "Gaelic cross", second chanting to player Donald "You're gypsy cunt". Turk side did not complain on anything neither did UEFA delegate, but some UEFA hidden observers (called if I remember correct Fari) noticed that and wrote to UEFA. Action is like always when Serbs are in question "Urgent and immediate" and of course merciless. Two game empty stadium ban valid immediate from next round of qualification.

Club named on anti-nazi fighters during World War II in Yugoslavia (Partisans) founded by communist anti-nazi military (Yugoslav Peoples Army) leaders Koca Popovic and Svetozar Vukomanovic Tempo lived to have that shame to be connected with fascism and racism. Club whose name literary means "Guerila anti-nazi fighter" is now banned for fascism and racism. How cool is that ?. LoL. Club where everyone are welcomed to play from South America, Africa, China, Japan which has right now Nigerian Umar Sadiq in first squad is racist ? How can it be ? It can't but some fans can....

One or more morons brought Gaelic cross flag which can be connected with shit movements about "white supremacy". Flag was not to big, but visible. Club failed to recognize and remove that. Other guilt chants "You gypsy c*t" to Donald was inspired by fact that he is ex arch rival Red Star player. Red Star players and fans are "Gypsy c*s" in vocabulary of Partizan supporters, while ex Partizan players are "gravedigger c*s" in vocabulary of Red Star supporters. Now some not to intelligent fans chanted him that and that's it. LoL

This is deeper social problem here, this is not first ban because of such behavior. Medieval Kingdom of Serbia had law called "Tsar Dusan's codec of laws" from 1355 year which has parts saying that "when slave come to Serbia he will become free man". Slavery was canceled as early as that, much earlier than on example in USA when it happen after bloody civil war in 1864. Serbia never had any problem with Africans. During Yugoslavia under Tito our state helped Africans to release from colonial rule. We were friends with Africans and Arabs actively helping their freedom fight. We are state where during German World War II occupation Hitler made order to kill 100 Serbian civilians for 1 killed German soldier, kill 50 for 1 wounded German. Order signed by him personally. There was nazi jail very close to my place called "Banjica logor" and not much far away from here is place where Germans killed people "Jajinci" and now here between those two places there are some balded morons who walk free and promote Hitler's policy. State is not doing enough to stop and arrest them. Groups of morons like that smuggled flag on football game and this happen.

Few months ago one player from Borac Cacak was attacked on street because of wrong skin color by some moron fans of that club. Similar group is promoting Hitler also in city of Nish attacking people who wear anti-nazi shirts. State does not do enough to punish them and that is big problem. I don't know where and how those morons ended school, but unfortunately they exist and are doing dirty things. There are laws even now saying that national, racial, religious hate is serious guilt and people who promote that should go in jail for long time. Problem is that law is not in use. They might arrest attacker, but he gets free after few months in the best case, because they qualify that like "ordinary attack".

I don't know what kind of c*ck problem that people have, maybe they are jealous because they don't have big enough d*ck, but I have therapy for them. I would call Mike Tyson here and everyone who thinks about diarrhea shit like white supremacy I would put in ring with him to see how "superior" they really are. If white skin does not help them to avoid knock out then something must be wrong with that theory. After that I will put them in well deserved jail to do some nice digging and think with obligatory history lessons.

Question here is is that right to punish normal supporters ? Big majority of fans are normal and now all will be punished. Football is playing for supporters because of people. Identifying bad racist supporters and removing them from stadium is something clubs here should do if they think to compete in UEFA competition. UEFA observer could also alarm someone in club about non appropriate flag and order to remove it and problem would be solved.