Destini Udogie assist to Ward Prowse for scoring goal

Pathetic losers, players of Tottenham Hotspur did it again. Once more they lead and then lost the game against far worse opponent which literally didn't need to play anything to win us. First Christmas gift gave Romero after trying to block pathetic shot and ball deflected from him to back of Ben Davies and then toward alone West Ham player who scored goal. Rules of football are saying it might be offside, but it was not because referee decided that Romero deliberately played with ball so there was no offside and it was 1:1. Soon after another gift happen when Italian left back Udogie without any reason decided to return ball back to goalkeeper but played short ball, Vicario couldn't get it, Ward-Prowse shot on goal, ball hit post and deflect straight to him to shoot on empty net for 1:2. Italian left back had half pitch diagonal right toward edge of 5m, plenty of open team mates, but he either didn't see Ward-Prowse either it was order from above to let West Ham win so someone could get big money. Who knows I more and more believe there is big grand betting scheme for which Tottenham is playing. In that scheme they don't lose vs City away, but lose vs desperate West Ham at home and similar. You know I love the most bad back passes. I can't tell you how many back passes I saw today. My stomach hurt from them.

Only goal for Tottenham scored Romero after corner when he found right place of opponent goal to send ball there by head. He did it between two West Ham players. It was very nice and effective goal unfortunately canceled with first goal which is his fault. Ange set up line up wrong, forced Dejan Kulusevski on the right and he couldn't fart there, while Lo Celso showed again he is not solution for number 10 role. Over 40 million asset Johnson showed again he doesn't know how to shot ball on goal, Son was invisible most of the time, and Hojbjerg proved ghosts exist in 5th minute when he tried to do cross but missed the ball and fall on his back like he's in Sunday league. Spurs had ball most of the time, but possession means nothing when you don't know what to do with ball and when you can't create chance, when you don't know to play one two or how to shot good from 16-20 meters. I saw plenty of passing to opponent goalkeeper by Spurs players or shots straight into him which I could save. At the end it was pass ball to Porro on the right and he will cross it inside the box and what happen happens. That is not way to play football. However one of those balls found Richarlison but Brazilian fraud and flop Richarlison again tried to hit closer part of the goal with header instead of far part of goal and score. He missed and chance has gone. It was on 1:1. The best thing was when the worst 16m shooter Sarr came in and show again he doesn't know how to shot the ball right from edge of the box...

It was very disappointing defeat in London derby which ensure me those bunch of losers will not win single game until Maddison comes back from injury which will be in February as it seems or if Ange doesn't put Kulusevski on number 10 even if it means Porro is right wing. We can forget top 4, top 6, we won't be in top 10. I hope those pathetic losers can earn 13 more points until end of season and avoid relegation. If not then we will have entire season to develop "future players" Daniel Levy loves to buy like Phillips and others.

I really see no reason why Donley or Dorrington can't get chance to play in this pathetic squad which either way will not win anyone until January/February. Good strategy would be to play like this in league so opponents think we have no clue and then surprise them in FA cup with Madders, Bentancur, VDV and others if of course those bunch can win Burnley in 3rd round which comes to soon... I accept with both hands today 15th place and FA cup win at the end of the season.

What would one of my friends say when you get ball and you don't know what to do with it, it's over. Tottenham become first team to lead 4 or 5 games in a row and not win it. Word "Spursy" has not been developed for nothing.

For the end look at this shameful tweet from ex owner of Tottenham who destroyed club by selling it to Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis. By the way he was very happy when West Ham won Conference League and became "Champions of Europe". LoL