Emerson Royal

First of all I want to say that I'm not Emerson Royal hater. I think he's good, fast player who defend good and who is doing big effort and a lot of running in every game. I also think he has good work habits and that he is person with right mindset. My opinion is also he's the only solution on right back in Spurs who can defend good against Smith Rowe. This opinion came from experience. Tanganga and Doherty can't do that it has been proven because they tried it and failed miserably. I hope this is enough to qualify me to be non hater of 23 years old Brazilian.

A lot of fans are saying he's bad in crossing, he isn't delivering good passes and his and Reggi's positions are crucial for Antonio's tactics which depend on good wing backs. Yes his crosses can and should be better, but he's young and is already practicing that with Conte. He'll improve. I want to point out to the fact that every time when he has ball on wing Spurs players are not inside the box in big numbers. It's one between three or four opposition players and in such situations it's very unlikely any cross would find our alone player. There should be at least three players inside if we want to hope something will happen after cross.

During watching games over TV I noticed that Spurs RWB is looking a lot into his feet and ball and almost never or for sure not enough inside the box. My piece of advice for him is to practice running with ball without watching in feet and ball,but with head up. He should always peek inside the box to see where his team mates are before attempting cross. If he does that I believe quality of his crosses would increase. That would be advice number one.

Advice number two would be to always celebrate goal with team mates and/or fans and not to pretend madness after you score wonder goal which by the way I highly believe was a web of happy circumstances and not wish to target that part of goal. It was deflection, he probably wanted either to cross to no one because just one Spurs player was inside near box line or to force corner. Ball hit feet of Brighton player end turned into cannonball and wonder goal. He then pointed to someone, looked like angry, run toward bench. I didn't like that at all. Then he posted something like "Working in silence" on Twitter which I didn't quite understand. He should celebrate goal with team mates, stuff and fans. If he wanted to say "Sssshhh haters" it's not way to communicate with fans. By the way I think that was his only good moment during Brighton game in attack...

Look I know fans can criticize in unfair manner, with a lot of bad words, but the best way to silence them is to fix mistakes in playing and score few goals or make few good key passes. Thus advice number three would be to practice finishing and shooting because sooner or later he'll get into big chance to score goal. If he manage to do that all those fans who are maybe "haters" now will write how great he is or maybe even setup some heart breaking song about him.

Last advice number four is when you are one on one against defender don't be afraid to engage him and from time to time try to go around him. That would make layer of unpredictability in your game and defender will not know if he's going to dribble me or to cross or to go inside and try to shoot... I feel like he's afraid to do that now because he could lose ball. Emerson your're Brazilian you have skills I am sure about that...

I am very optimistic about him and pretty confident he'll practice crossings with Conte and deliver good key passes. Those who know knowledge said long time ago that in football 10% is talent and 90% work and I feel he is hard working young person and possible long term solution on right wing back position. I have message for haters: he just arrived in Spurs, begin to work with Conte, had covid and recovered, in new country, he's young and for sure not that bad like you're saying! Step off of his back and support him, have patience!

So Emerson head up while you're running with ball, peek inside box before cross, don't be afraid to engage player on one on one, work on crossing and finishing and when you score next time celebrate with team mates, players and staff. COYS!