League de Champingnons

Fulham destroyed Tottenham with 3:0 today. Since the beginning it was clear Tottenham players were not there to play football, that Fulham players are faster, know more actions etc... They could score 2-3 goals in first 15 minutes, but somehow didn't. Marco Silva trained them well, they know actions, they know when and where to run and when and where to pass, they are good in passing. Players of sorry Ange side needed 3-5 seconds to release the ball once they have it, looked slower, disinterested, like bunch of amateurs.

Fulham scored first goal after Tottenham players lost ball carelessly on center. They made storm like counter attack with great cross, Dragusin decided not to try to tackle and Muniz easily scored in opposite corner. Second felt in 49. minute after good penetration on Fulham right side and cross which Saša Lukić converted into goal with his knee. He sent ball in opposite corner. I think it was more luck than knowledge but ok. Third happen after yet another big chance and deflection where Muniz was more skillful and sent it into goal.

Tottenham had opportunities, but missed. First Son blazed ball over crossbar from inside the box, then Johnson passed to goalkeeper when he had clear opportunity and path toward goal. Madders hit bottle near post from good position too. In second half Werner who came in failed to score from 0.5 meters and Richarlison missed a sitter near the end by sending ball near post.

Dragusin who played instead of Van de Ven was poor like Romero and everyone else a part from Vicario. When you lose 3:0 and your goalkeeper is the best player on the pitch you know what is the time.

I have no doubt those wannabe super stars will go out in night life after this debacle and I suggest them to listen song of Gloria Gaynor - "Can't take my eyes off you" because it contains lyrics "To good to be truth" and when the best part comes sing "Ange, Ange, Postecoglou, oh Ange Ange Postecoglou" because way how Marco Silva battered Ange Postecoglou with I don't know how many times cheaper squad will be studied in following years.

Remember Conte words "And some people think we can fight for something. Fight for what with this attitude and spirit ? For 7th, 8th, 10th place ? I am not used to those positions." or "Story of Tottenham is this. There is an owner who didn't win something, but why ? Is it only club's fault, coaches fault ? And players, where are the players ? They need to be included into this conversation..."

Greetings to Daniel Levy. I think such dominant performances deserve bigger ticket price rise. I mean 6% is to small ticket price rise. It should be at least 60% because you can't watch such good clowns anywhere else. And they want what ? Champions League football ? Really ? I have better idea, let's go into "League de Champignons!"

I knew those players implode in West London, but I thought it's only against Chelsea. Imploding vs Fulham is something else. Or maybe they didn't play Fulham, maybe it was Real Madrid in disguise ? That is how it looked on the pitch. And yes Arsenal fans don't laugh you lost also 2:1 there! :)