Randy PIGDOG Matty Cashe

Day has passed and I still hate this creature from the picture. In one of previos seasons he made deliberate bad tackle with sending opponent into hospital in mind. It was start against Tottenham right back at that time Doherty. Irishman just started to play good football when this randy pigdog from picture sent him on long term absence and then liked it on social networks without any reaction from FA ?! Yesterday he repeat that against one of main stars in Tottenham Rodrigo Bentancur. His dirty start without any chance to get the ball with intention to seriously hurt opponent was enough for only yellow card. I hope anti Tottenham ultras organisation called FA_PGMOL is very happy with so many injuries in Spurs side. Congratulations FA_PGMOL, congratulations to English referees.

Thing which went on my nerves is fact that we didn't wait for end minutes of the game to send someone of their key players into hospital. We must be more of the team. When someone hurt our star player we must think how to do the same to their main players. Dark arts of injuring opponent and getting away with yellow card is something we didn't learn. Player who should do this is someone who doesn't play who is not key player, but someone from the bench, someone from 3rd plan, someone like Olie Skipp or Eric Dier. They should come near the end when game has been already lost and settle the score.

I wish to this player everything worst in rest of his career as well as in his private life. I really hope someone will soon tell him what's the score on scoreboard. I hope Tottenham chairman has ways to protect his players from such savage grizzles. Daniel don't let I learn you how to do that. You are chairman, you have connections, money. Do it!