Tottenham lost against Fulham and that threw all fans into bad mood. They are arguing on various Spurs channels, old LevyIn vs LevyOut fights are all over social networks. Some think it's because club ownership which constantly fail to build competitive squad, some smaller chunk of fans lost faith in Ange and want him out, some blame players, some tactics. It has to be one of following reasons:

  1. Tottenham players underestimated opponents and get punished.
  2. Ange prepared bad tactics and has been outsmarted by Marco Silva.
  3. Fulham have better players and that result is reality. 
  4. Dragusin instead of Van de Ven made Angeball impossible. 
  5. Johson, Werner, Richarlison are to bad even for Fulham. 
  6. There is grand ongoing betting scheme which executes itself on Sunday. 

First thing is possible, but when you see how many players were switched off on Sunday it's not very likely. Udogie, Porro, Bissouma, Maddison, Kulusevski, Son, Johnson all were off. It happen in Spurs in the past for sure in domestic and European cups, but a lot of players changed since then. I am talking about Dinamo Zagreb away (European game), Middlesboro, Sheffield United, Norwich (FA cup games). In all of them Tottenham players looked disinterested like vs Fulham couple of days before.

Second option is possible, but type of mistakes some of Tottenham players made were not usual and can not be considered like ordinary mistakes which happen every day. When Son pass straight ball toward Johnson closer to opponent, when Kulusevski won't pass but rather go through wall trying to shoot something is not right. Son and Madders are scoring from their half-chances in first half another day. Maddison was invisible, promising player like Udogie looked like unable stop bang average player like Iwobi playing the worst game this season, Dejan Kulusevski has been blown off the pitch by little known Fulham player. Even Sasa Lukic from Fulham looked like he is bossing in midfield and I must confess I didn't hear about him before he joined Fulham despite he is my countryman.

Of course Fulham don't have better players then Tottenham.

Dragusin is not fast like Van de Ven like every other player isn't, but can it be reason for such debacle ? I am not sure. Yes Van de Ven is exceptional player, very fast who saved us a lot of times. We didn't concede as many goals as we could because he ran backward to fast and disposes opponent. Dragusin is not that fast, but while that can be reason for conceding goals, it can't be for not scoring goals and for that type of sloppiness in passing and fact that home players wanted win more.

Yes those "non clinical three" are not top notch players, they missed one big chance each. Werner failed to score from very close range, Richarlison had open half of goal to kick ball wide, Johnson passed to goalkeeper in first half. Maybe they are really that bad, but man would think at least one of them would score his chance. It's very strange all three missed. Add to that Son and Maddison missed chances and it becomes even more strange.

We come toward my favorite reason for failure, my favorite conspiracy theory - grand ongoing betting scheme. It looked sloppy enough, way how carelessly Spurs players lost ball on the right for first goal, how they pass to each other, how they move on the pitch were to bad to be considered like ordinary mistakes and there were to many such situations. I mean if that is reality I can only think they don't train football.

Number of switched off / absent players was very big. A lot of tipsters expected Spurs to win after convincing performance against Aston Villa, they are fighting for CL, while Fulham is in the middle of the table and can't go much up or down. Odd on Tottenham was around 2 and I am sure a lot of tipsters "bite the bait" and lost the money. Bookmakers surely earned a lot. So we have unusual big number of switched off, sloppy players, relatively high odd and favorite easy loss and owners of betting businesses who earned on the game while tipsters lost. I am not saying this is 100% what happen, but it looked just like that to me. Maybe this type of games are the reason why Spurs didn't win anything recently ? There is very big number of games since Poch last days until Sunday during which they looked like this.

Maybe there is some hidden background grand betting scheme which is executing ?There is no proof for this yet, but just suspicion. What do you think happen on Sunday ?