You can tighten your belts dear clubs, not me - Čeferin president of UEFA doubled his salary

Famous German ex player Karl Heinz Roumenige said Superleague is attempt to resolve liquidity of big clubs by putting more money on the table, but in reality they should cut their expenses.

Revenue of more than 3 billion Euros is coming from Champions Leaague. UEFA bureaucracy takes 500 million (!?) for wages of UEFA personal and "other costs". If I understand this money distributing system correct next 500 they are taking away goes to participants in Europa League and in some mainly eastern European football associations. You can read it's going to persons like Kokeza, because every association in Eastern Europe has it's own Kokeza. He's not exception he's rule in UEFA. They are full of people like him there. UEFA doesn't ask those persons how they spend money and it ends up not in developing of football, but on some Bunga-Bunga Caribbean parties.

In covid times when the richest clubs are close to bankruptcy and when we don't know if club like Barcelona will compete next season president of UEFA Slovenian lawyer Čeferin decided to double his salary! He need more money! UEFA has also other dark plans like to cancel financial fair play which basically means they will not care from which criminal activity money comes in football. We will then get some Pablo Escobar FC and state projects from various Eastern Europen or Near East dictatorships. Very nice! Well done saviors of football!

I can partly agree that big clubs should cut their expenses, but would like more if UEFA dramatically lower wages for their personal and "It's other costs" starting with it's president. Rising of salary of football officials during hard covid pandemic times is immoral. What are those UEFA "other costs" anyway ? This parasite robbery of football need to stop. EU should enforce reform of UEFA or top 5 countries should make new organisation.